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Here are the list of blog posts about Stock Market which I think could help you when you're about to enter the market for the first time. As a general rule (as per Chinkee Tan, one of my respected mentors), "Never invest in something that you do not understand no matter how profitable it may be". So my take is study first before investing your hard-earned money esp. in this kind of investment.
  1. Invest in Philippine Stock Market
  2. 2 Seminars You Must Attend When Investing in Stock Market
  3. 2 Ways to Earn in the Stock Market
  4. COL Financial, My Online Stock Broker
  5. Investing in Stock Market is Not a Sprint, It is a Marathon
  6. A Valuable Lesson I Learned From My Younger Sister
  7. Capital or Price Appreciation
  8. COL Seminar Schedule in Makati
Enjoy investing your money in stock market and earn passive income at the same time! ^_^

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Avoid Sticking To Unproductive People

Actually, this stuff I am about to share can be good or bad. It depends on where you get influence from. If the influence can help you achieve your goals, then that is good and vice versa if it can only lead you to misfortune. Anyway, I would like to put here the paragraph I read somewhere. I hope it makes sense to you. Avoid sticking to people who have hobbies of collecting stuff which are too much expensive. In the end, you'll be like them through the influence or the process.

Did You Start Your 52-Week Money Challenge?

Early of this year (January 2017) , I stumbled upon this weird challenge, the 52-week money challenge . The first time I got introduced to it, I became confused because I couldn't understand how it worked. Anyway, the idea of saving money from your salary or business weekly is a good idea but the challenge is you will add the original amount of money to the previous week's money every week.

Don't Look Outside, Look Inside

I learned that if you're planning and looking on what kind of business to start in, then don't look outside and be hard on yourself, but look inside. What I mean by this is don't imitate what others are doing just because that business is in or is doing well because chances are it will not work to you or you lose interest on it as time goes by. Look at your skill sets and choose one among those that you really love doing and profitable. Meaning even if you're not being paid to do it, you wake up every day and do it anyway. You will not treat it as a work or job because you love what you are doing. But I warn you that you should treat it as a business. Be serious in achieving your goals at the same time enjoy every moment.