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Do What Most People Do Not Want To Do

If You Want The Freedom That Most People Will Never Have, You Have To Do What Most People Are Not Willing To Do.

The reason why I always do and oppose the usually accepted thing or norm belief of the people around us is because I want to achieve something that I want.

I want a total freedom.

Time Freedom, Money Freedom, and Location Freedom.

I want Time Freedom because I don't want to restrict most of my time doing things I hate in a four-cornered room. I want to have a complete control over my time and enjoy it while I'm young.

Money Freedom as when you trade your time for money, it means it is limited due to every one of us has 24 hours a day. So if I want to scale my income, I should find ways on how to leverage other peoples' time and effort in a good way.

In doing that, I could live freely without minding about money.

Location Freedom, meaning I can work anywhere I am and anywhere I want. I'm not restricted only to work in an office because even if I'm at home or at a coffee shop or on vacation, I can still work. Be it freelancing or supervising my businesses thru phone calls.

The only message that I want to impart to you on this blog post is if you want a big change in your life, don't just wish but start doing.

Things that other people are afraid and not willing to do.

If you want to put up a business that is based both on your interest and other peoples' demand, then go for it.

You will never know if you don't try.

And if it succeeded, then you know you did a good move. That's it!


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