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You Should Have Your Own Business Card

Others call it calling card but whatever you call it, you should have this with you esp. if you have a business.

If you love meeting like-minded people, you should have your own business card because chances are those people you meet will give you theirs and ask you one.

I used to frustrate and got disappointed on myself whenever that thing happened in the past because you know, that is the best chance to promote who you are and what you do.

People you meet in seminars, events or workshops might be your future business partners, clients, and customers. The same also to them and that's the power of business or calling card. Don't miss the chance of introducing yourself and getting to know others.

I know you have this in mind and thinking, "But Jethro I don't know how to make or create one". Don't worry as I will tell you what to do.

First of all, you should have all your information ready that you would want to put and see in a business card.

Normally, your full name, things you do, contact numbers, and social media accounts are there so for people whom you give it to will know where to find and look for you. Sometimes, a company or business logo can be placed as well.

Then, go to the nearest mall in your area and look for a stand or stall that offers the creation and printing of business cards.

Go and approach them. Usually, they will ask for the information I asked you to prepare and let you choose from the list of templates and available papers. It's your call what you choose and based on your preference.

Within minutes or an hour, you will have your sets of business cards. Normally the price you would pay is 5 pesos per card and they will require you a 100 pieces minimum.

Anyway, that is cheap and requires you to spend 500 pesos for your business. Remember, in every business, there is always a need to pay and risk something.

Also, if you want to outsource or let other people who are experts in business card making do the design and layout for you, then is there. Usually, freelancers will provide you with their outputs and allow you to make few requests for revising their work before they will give the final design to you with your information on it. And then print it on your own.

Or, there are independent printing companies out there which you can hire or book their service. You can contact them via their email, website or even in their Facebook page for your orders. And within less than a month or even a week, you will receive your package fresh from their printing office.

That' it. I hope after reading this you will now decide to have one esp. if you don't have a business card with you until now. Thanks for reading!

By the way, here are my actual business cards. The white one is my first card which I printed in mall. And the other one with a cartoon theme is the recent one which I printed from the independent printing company.

My 2 Business Cards
My 2 Business Cards
My 1st Business Card
My 1st Business Card
My 2nd Business Card
My 2nd Business Card


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