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COL Seminar Schedule in Makati

I'm a COL account holder for more than 2 years and it's absurd that I still have so many things I do not know and need to learn.

Some of us conclude that people who are in the industry for many years and do invest in the stock market already knew all ins and outs. But you're all wrong.

Don't be satisfied by the things you already knew. Why? Because chances are you missed certain things or other people have something new to offer that will benefit you.

Just like what happened to me after I attended 2 free seminars of COL in Makati branch.

The first seminar is entitled "Investing in the Stock Market and Mutual Funds: COL Easy Investment Program / COL Fund Source" which is free to everyone. You just have to email them to confirm your attendance or slot. This happens every Wednesday at 12nn to 1:30 pm.

The second seminar is entitled "Website Navigation: Online Trading Power (Exclusive for COL clients only)". It also requires all interested COL clients to email them for their slots and it happens every Thursday at 12nn to 1:30 pm.

Don't worry as I am going to scan and put here the copy of seminar schedule. This is great for people who are near or working in Makati and do not have time to go to the main branch at Ortigas.

But take note that if you want to attend the more advanced seminars, only Ortigas branch offers that. You just have to visit their site here and click "Investor Education Seminars" there to book your schedule.

As I always say, we should keep learning and nourish our mind. Even though we already knew it, still going back to basics will give us an "aha moment" and recall relevant stuff.

Sometimes complicated things will only disorganize our mind so learn slowly and at your own pace.

Thank you for reading.

COL Seminar Schedule in Makati
COL Seminar Schedule in Makati


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