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No need to wait for a cab. Get your rented car now!

Uber and Waze are 2 apps that rescue me whenever I’m in trouble

Okay, I’m serious now. Actually, these 2 are working in tandem or hand in hand because they let you travel safely, calmly to the destination you want to go.

I don’t have a data plan on my smartphone (well, I used to but I decided to cancel it for some reason) so what I do is load 99 pesos monthly on my phone. I use it to make the 2 above apps work.

I only use the said apps whenever I’m with my mother because of her body condition and the other one, is when I buy big appliances or stuff that I need to bring at home without experiencing the bad behavior of other taxi drivers. Sometimes, these so-called taxi drivers ask for additional money because of some out of this world reasons. Other try to ask the passenger to point him the direction of where they will go because his reason is he doesn’t know where it is. At worst,  the driver does a negotiation on how much to pay and not use the intended taxi meter. I also don’t want to experience/happen a disrespectful scene again. A choosy taxi driver started the cab and left us without a word (after I told him our destination).

But if you use uber, the driver is very polite and he won’t know your destination until you face one another after you schedule a pick-up location. Besides, cars used in uber are all brand new and less than 2 years old.

As a passenger, you can choose how many seats you need and what type of car based on these 3 categories (uberBlack: Fortuner, Montero & other huge cars, uberX: vios, Innova, etc. and uberPool: if you want to share your rides with other uber passengers) you would like to rent.

Take note that you can use either cash or your registered credit card on the uber app to pay for your ride. And at the end of your trip, you can add a feedback and rate your riding experience to the said uber driver. So, they have a reason to not show any negative behaviors because if they do, no one will rent them as soon as their supposed to be passengers see their low ratings and bad feedbacks.

That’s it! If you want to test it first and experience the benefits of uber, download the app from PlayStore (if you have an android phone) or AppStore (if yours is an Apple gadget) and start using it on your smartphone.

Oh, by the way,  I forgot to mention what the use of waze is. Waze is like an updated Google Maps but more user-friendly. It’s as if it was created in mind to work with uber because after you get inside your rented car (with a warm approach of your driver), you should start the Waze app and type in your destination so both of you (driver and you, passenger) could see where exactly the location of your destination.

I hope what I shared here will really help you in all or if not all, some of your planned and unplanned trips.

Enjoy using Uber and Waze apps!


  1. Hey dear I am Junaid and thanks for sharing your review and aware us with there cab services

    1. Hi Junaid, it's my pleasure to help esp. letting other people about great things that they can use and take advantage of as well.

      I hope you found this post useful. Thanks for your visit.


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