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No need to wait for a cab. Get your rented car now!

Uber and Waze are 2 apps that rescue me whenever I’m in trouble Okay, I’m serious now. Actually, these 2 are working in tandem or hand in hand because they let you travel safely, calmly to the destination you want to go. I don’t have a data plan on my smartphone (well, I used to but I decided to cancel it for some reason) so what I do is load 99 pesos monthly on my phone. I use it to make the 2 above apps work. I only use the said apps whenever I’m with my mother because of her body condition and the other one, is when I buy big appliances or stuff that I need to bring at home without experiencing the bad behavior of other taxi drivers. Sometimes, these so-called taxi drivers ask for additional money because of some out of this world reasons. Other try to ask the passenger to point him the direction of where they will go because his reason is he doesn’t know where it is. At worst,  the driver does a negotiation on how much to pay and not use the intended taxi meter. I also don