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Pokemon Go Craze

About a month ago, everyone became hooked / addicted to this new smartphone app called Pokemon Go.

I myself decided to try and installed it in my Oppo phone. By the way, the reason why I got interested in it is because I read John Chow's post about it.

Anyway, because of this app, I started doing and discovering things about my phone. That was the beginning of me starting to avail my cellphone network internet data. I used to avoid and ignore these internet data promos before but after I got hooked on this Pokemon stuff, I had no choice but to ask my officemate who is an expert when it comes to internet data promo.

And kablam! In an instant, you could see me outside looking on the screen of my phone and busy catching Pokemon. Right now, I'm level 15 under Team Mystic (blue). I already caught 62 Pocket Monsters which I will show you later (screenshots will be provided).

What can I say to this viral app? First of all, I would like to congratulate Niantic Labs (developer) for creating and turning this classic and famous Pokemon into an addicting app. I'm sure they're still celebrating their success as it is a phenomenal worldwide hit and it seems everyone can't get their eyes off of it.

As for the business owners who happen to be assigned as Pokestop in the game (I'm not sure if they personally apply for it to be listed as Pokestop in the game and pay a certain amount or Niantic Labs randomly chose stores to be game Pokestops), I'm sure their sales increase a lot because people who play the said app tend to stay near their area/place and when they get hungry or thirsty, chances are they will buy from them. A strategy indeed! Of course, the beside or next stores will benefit from this too.

And as for me, since I love business and earning money on the side, I think it can help me to talk and have a bond with other co-gamers as well. Because of that, the scope of people I know become huge and that is a good sign. Also, I can sell cellphone loads to my friends or even to those new acquaintances of mine (since I do have a loading business) for them to continuously play Pokemon Go by subscribing to internet data promo. I actually tried the GoSurf99 of Globe which gives me a 200Mb for a month. That is too much for me because I actually had not consumed it all until it expired. Today is the day my internet data promo came to an end and if I'm not mistaken, I still have 100 or less Mb remaining but that is okay because I enjoyed using it while playing Pokemon Go, surfing the net and browsing Facebook.

That's it! I hope you find this post entertaining and if you happen to be a player as well, kindly let me know through the comment below. I'd like to hear it from you and your experiences with it.


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