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Invest and Educate Yourself

I believe that in order for you to earn money, you should develop and harness your skills. Your acquired skill when continuously polish will bring you more money once your employer found out you are offering the best service that no one can give. And that's why this blog post is born. The reason why I decided to write this topic is because I am going through in a situation wherein I want to learn how to write a book and publish it. I badly want it and learn the ins and outs of publishing a book. I keep visiting Brian Tracy 's sale page wherein it offers the said course but the problem is the amount I should pay. I need almost 500 US dollars in order to get in. I also stumbled on the website of Miss. Sha Nacino , a Filipino girl who teaches the same subject. However, I need almost 20,000 pesos in order to be included in her online course.