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Earn Real Money From Your Blog

If you want to make money from your blog, be serious about it and treat it as a real business.

What I mean about that is don't depend on free stuff only and operate without spending a dime. Purchase a domain name either from these two well-known and trusted domain registrar: or Consider also the storage or placeholder of your web pages or blog by buying web hosting. It is where you have a complete control over your website or blog including the design and code-behind.

You don't want to experience what happened to site. They are very popular and no one anticipated that it would close. That's the reality. So for those who built their reputation on that site by creating fabulous blogs, were disappointed and their blog went to nothing. Since they just used the site for free, the owner had the right to close it down without reminding or notifying its members. That's the sad part.

Spending a little amount of money just to have a professional domain and stable web hosting is needed in order to prevent being worried at all times. Besides, once you spent for something, you'd be serious about it. Anyway, let's go to my real topic.

These are things you needed in order to earn money from your blog:

- write useful content for your readers.

- put a moderate number of ads at the top, bottom or both sides of your blog.

- place affiliate product that is related to the niche of your blog.

- offer your best services like article writing, website marketing or coaching to all your customers.

- and last but not the least, is capture your customers' name and email address through an email list.

In doing so, you can send them useful emails that will help them in solving their specific problems (of course, it has something to do with your niche) and afterwards, recommend something to them which in return, will earn you money.

I haven't implemented having an email list on this blog but soon you'll find one. Just keep coming back to subscribe to my newsletter. I hope you learned something new today.

Lastly, if you want to receive more tips and advice on making money at home, please consider subscribing to Learn to Earn Money Online, thank you.


  1. Google’s instant website machine can be a useful place to get started but it’s really designed to help people like teachers display information to a closed audience. It’s not a good way to[url=""] earn a lot of money[/url], and even for professionals that URL is going to be so off-putting on a business site that you’ll be better off buying your own domain name and finding a host.

  2. I agree! Be serious and be very very patient. Many aspiring new bloggers think that their sites will have thousand of visitors overnight ( There are few exceptions of course). This usually demotivates them specially to those whose primary objective is to earn money ( There are few exceptions of course ). Though not necessary, you should love what you are doing / blogging. This makes blogging more enjoyable and more than a passive money making machine. My advise is to be patient, just create awesome contents, promote here, promote there, be patient, create awesome contents, then repeat. LOL.

    To infinity and beyond!


    1. That's what I like about you, my friend, your humorous approach lol! ahaha! Anyway, I agree with your comment that if we know that what we do is working, all we have to do is rinse and repeat the process again and again.

      By the way, what made you visit my blog all of a sudden? Ahaha! Thanks, buddy, for the comment! :)


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