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Save Money By Supporting Our Small Time Vendors

If you want to save money from buying things you really need, all you have to do is to look for alternative items that are close to the quality of expensive counterpart. I don't want you to save tons of money but in return, you'll get crappy and garbage stuff. Support and buy from our small time vendors and sellers because these people really need money in order to survive. It is their living and without sales, they will have nothing to serve on their table.

Products in malls are 6x expensive compare to the one you found in small markets. Why do you think so? I think because people who are selling inside of malls, pay rent to have their space aside from the fact that the place is air-conditioned and people usually do their shopping inside. But try to compare what you can purchase from malls and streets, the quality is almost close and you can't deny their similarities.

Just like what I bought last week. I bought 6 pairs of black socks for only 100 pesos but 3 pairs of black socks in malls will cost you 300+ pesos. Imagine that and do the math. Also, I bought 5 pieces of face towels which cost me 50 pesos (10 pesos/towel). I don't regret my purchases/spending because the quality as I always say is close to the original. Besides, I want to help them because it's their only source of income.

Also, I have other motives why I buy from them. I observe and study how they do their selling and what items are in demand. Who knows it might be my next sideline or small business. I'm still looking on how to serve people on how to quickly pay their bills. Instead of going to bayad centers and pay their bills, I want to offer in our house the convenience of paying all kinds of bills. I discovered website and I'm currently studying it. I hope it can be added as one of my income generating assets.

Anyway, what about you? Do you always patronize products in malls and prefer branded over cheap and Filipino-made products? If yes, why do you so? If no, tell me your reasons because I wanna know your motives.

I hope you help them too by buying from them. Besides, it can add up to the growth of our economy. People will be glad to produce more supplies because people patronize and demand it.

Thank you.


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