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Dispose And Transform Your Stuff Into Cash

Read this post if you have lots of things in your house that gather dust inside your cabinet and do not give any value to you. As I will tell you one good news and that is how to turn your old stuff into cash and make it useful again to others. As they say, your garbage (or things no longer useful to you) is a treasure to others and vice versa.

Grab your camera or smartphone and take photos of things you want to sell. After that, create an account in OLX, a Philippines' #1 Buy and Sell website, and post it there along with an honest and accurate description. Using that site is free for the first 12 ads and beyond that, you need to pay for additional ad slots. But if you don't want to, just wait for your other ads to be sold and delete it or you may edit it (whichever you may prefer), and start posting a new and fresh advertisement.

Personally, OLX helps me a lot to earn money through selling things I no longer need. What I do is I meet a buyer face to face but I still prefer those who are near to my place (in a safe and secured places such as malls). After they inspect my preloved items, of course I will get a cash in return. I also use it to look for a classic and hard to find books like works of Richard Bach and more. You will get things you are looking for for just a cheap price regardless if it is brand new or second hand. Still I will buy it for the reason of what I can get from it (useful content and extraordinary knowledge). However if I can't find it there then I have no choice but to grab a copy from bookstores.

Anyway, before I end this blog post, try to do what I said here and I'm sure it will not just give you extra money but getting enough spaces at your home.

As they say, if you want new things in life, learn to let go old things that clutter in your home. The same thing also applies if you want more money, learn to give away the surplus.

I hope you find this post useful and helpful. Thank you.

By the way, here are the stuff I got and received from OLX. OLX calendar (they sent it to me) as well as OLX keychain (I got this after I attended the Entrepreneur and Franchise Expo 2016 - 3rd). They are very generous!


  1. Great. I only got the olx sticker and a selfie with the promo girl! Anyway great idea for disposing things at home. I might try it for my books. You can also sell in or these sites also lets you advertise for free and are primarily focusef on computers and cellphones

    1. Hi Jereme,

      Where did you get the olx sticker and selfie stick? Did you get those from the expo event I attended too? Anyway, I already know the 2 websites you mentioned above but I haven't actually browse or use them. I hope we could have a partnership and build a specific website together.

      Thanks for your comment, my friend. :)

  2. For some collectible stuff, do not dispose / sell them yet. Wait for them to become rare and old. Example: Old Money and Coins, Postage Stamps, Comic Books, Original CDs, Authentic Toys, etc, and sell them after years from now. You know, most of the collectors are willing to shell out cash for their collection hobbies. :)

    1. I think you are right. That's why I'm stopping myself from selling my cd and album collection and wait for the right time. Anyway, thanks for reminding me of this, Fred.


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