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What Happened to My Dreams of Earning From This Blog?

I'm sure you're one of my 5 readers wondering what happened to me and to this inactive blog. Well, I became busy with things that extraordinary people like us don't know. And I'm sorry if I disappear out of the center stage because of temptations. Anyway, after learning that most of my goals are still not within my reach and my due age is gradually approaching (30), I decided to fix my mind and attention to my other sources of income. If you don't mind me telling this despite it's unrelated to making money online, I had started a new business venture which is selling ice candy. I'm sure Filipinos can relate because they know it but for my international readers, it's basically a sweetened flavored ice inside a small clear plastic. My ice candy is either chocolate or mango flavored and our neighborhood patronizes it. My other business is a sending and receiving of money just like in the bank which I started way back February of 2015. And last but not the