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Before You Invest, Build this Fund

I don't want you to do the same thing I did in the past so I decided to write this blog post. I invested some of my hard-earned money into mutual funds and later on, in the stock market . But you know what, I realized that kind of approach and strategy (when it comes to building wealth) is truly wrong. I read in finance blogs and heard from the speakers in seminars I attended that before anything else, we should gradually fill up our emergency or rainy funds.

My Honest Review of the ShoeMoney Network

I have been following internet millionaire Jeremy Schoemaker for a couple years now. I am on his newsletter and saw an email that said he was frustrated that he had sold many "how to make money online" products and even though the content was good very few people every logged in and did anything. So he claimed not only would this be free but he would pay you for accomplish tasks. I signed up. More because I was curious to see what his angle was than anything else. The first task was drop dead simple and I instantly received a dollar and it was sent to my paypal instantly. and yet I never paid him anything. Then I continued and went through the course now setting up my website. Then installing a theme, then installing plugins, etc etc. By the end of the 2nd level he send me $3. The course continued and I was glued. Jeremy not only walks you through setting up everything step by step (and paying you as you accomplish the tasks), but also makes it fun awarding you belts like

Job Security is a Thing of the Past

"Job security is a thing of the past and you can't play today's game with yesterday's rule" I know this sounds foreign to you but if you haven't heard it yet, please listen to me. "There is no such thing as job security" . What it's all about is anytime, the company you are working for or your employer could collapse and lay off (at any moment) .