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Financial Freedom is Like Climbing Up a Ladder

I learned that in order to build your wealth, you should start with yourself. Don't ever start investing your hard-earned money to various investments.

Please allow me enumerate what steps to know and follow.

First is to have a stable income. Regardless if it is money coming from your day job or from active businesses, still it is a positive cash flow going into your pockets. This is the basic rule if you want to become rich and wealthy. If you don't have this kind of income, then look for it now.

Second is settle and pay off all your debts (if you have any). It's absurd and nonsense if you have money working for you in mutual funds or stocks while interests from loans are starting to pile up (non-stop). Compound interest is not just helping you in earning income, but it can also hurt you by incurring interest from your debts.

Third is to have short and long-term medical services. If you have a job and your employer provides you an HMO as part of your benefits, then you're good to go. But take note that it's just for a short-term period and as long as you're working with them. For long-term healthcare, it is definitely our PhilHealth. As long as we pay our monthly contributions, then we have nothing to worry about. Self-employed or entrepreneurs get their own healthcare as part of their strategy. They don't want to stash a large amount of cash from their net worth when sickness strikes them.

Fourth, you should have an insurance esp. if you're a breadwinner or someone who puts food on their family's table. I actually have a 3-in-1 insurance package. That kind of insurance consists of short & long-term healthcare, life insurance and after its maturity date, it will become an investment that earns interest yearly. If ever a misfortune happens to the one who has an active insurance, the family that is left behind will get a compensation. The provided money is enough for the family to survive while giving them a chance to supplement and take over the responsibility left by the breadwinner.

And last but not the least is getting into investments. It doesn't matter what kind of investments you would want to invest in as long as it is legit and earns you a passive income. It could be time deposits, mutual funds, UITF or stocks.

That's it. Now you have an idea what Financial Freedom is and how to build it up properly. I hope this little post will help you in becoming rich and wealthy.



  1. Ano insurance yung na avail mo Jet? Sa manulife ba yan or pru life?

    1. Insurance ko na tinutukoy dito sa post ko is Kaiser International Health Group. Ngayon nadagdagan pa ng isa, Cocolife. :)


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