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Financial Freedom is Like Climbing Up a Ladder

I learned that in order to build your wealth, you should start with yourself. Don't ever start investing your hard-earned money to various investments. Please allow me enumerate what steps to know and follow. First is to have a stable income . Regardless if it is money coming from your day job or from active businesses, still it is a positive cash flow going into your pockets. This is the basic rule if you want to become rich and wealthy. If you don't have this kind of income, then look for it now.

Capital or Price Appreciation

Since I already discussed the first way of earning from Stock Market , in this post you will learn the second one. It is called "Capital or Price Appreciation" . Traders, not investors, know this very well. They buy shares at a lower price of a certain company and once it went high, they will sell it immediately. That's how they gain or profit from stock trading.