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Transition from GoDaddy to Namecheap

I decided to move the domain name of this blog from GoDaddy to Namecheap despite the former is more popular than the latter. These two domain registrars are included in the recommended list of almost all well-known bloggers. Anyway, the reason why I transfer it is because GoDaddy doesn't offer free WhoIsGuard feature to the site (to prevent seeing the sensitive information of the blog or site owner such as our full name, address and contact numbers) but Namecheap has it for free. Another thing is the price of the domain (including renewal) in the former is much expensive compare to the latter though both of them can be applied with coupon codes to avail discounts.

I was actually having a hard time to find working coupons for GoDaddy unlike in Namecheap which took me a single search in Google and bam! The first I found worked without a problem.

The only thing that I miss from GoDaddy is you can have a free email account so after the transition, jeth @ is no longer active. It's okay because I can have as many as I want when I purchased a website hosting (this will be blogged in another post).

Anyway, if you're a serious blogger then you should buy your name as a domain because that's yours. You don't want others to get it and use for their own benefit. What if you become popular and the time you're ready to purchase your precious name, it's no longer available coz others got it already. You may negotiate with him/her and pay a huge amount of money or just let it be with them and buy another domain.

If you want to start now and need help to buy your domain, I can help you. I have here a step by step on how to do it in GoDaddy and will make one in Namecheap so you have a choice where you want to host your domain.

I think that's it. Before I end this post, I would like to express my amazement to Mr. Chinkee Tan. Whenever he has something new in mind to promote or a product/services to sell, I noticed that he purchased a specific domain for that and have a corresponding website to it. That is an amazing and great strategy! Another thing is his websites are created by other people and not by himself and in my opinion, it looks fantastic!

Anyway, I hope you learned my two suggested domain registrars. As a final note, I will leave you this, "Do what others won't do today, so tomorrow you can do what others can't".

Thanks for reading my dear friend.


  1. Hi Jethro,

    This article was really helpful in me deciding what I should get. I just got my own domain set-up for my blog. Check it out Thanks!



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