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Transition from GoDaddy to Namecheap

I decided to move the domain name of this blog from GoDaddy to Namecheap despite the former is more popular than the latter. These two domain registrars are included in the recommended list of almost all well-known bloggers. Anyway, the reason why I transfer it is because GoDaddy doesn't offer free WhoIsGuard feature to the site (to prevent seeing the sensitive information of the blog or site owner such as our full name, address and contact numbers) but Namecheap has it for free. Another thing is the price of the domain (including renewal) in the former is much expensive compare to the latter though both of them can be applied with coupon codes to avail discounts. I was actually having a hard time to find working coupons for GoDaddy unlike in Namecheap which took me a single search in Google and bam! The first I found worked without a problem.

When Salary Increases, Expenses Increase

Why is it that when there is an increase in salary, our expenses increase as well? This is what I noticed before to myself (I used to be but not anymore) but also to some other people. The time they become regular at work and have a salary increase, their lifestyle change as well. Their expenditures soar up high. If they acted that way, chances are they would become broke. Why I say this is because there will come a time that they already spent the money which they haven’t received yet. How? Through credit cards or having side by side loans (either from banks or friends) just to buy things that they don’t really need (in other words, wants) .

Investing in Stock Market is Not a Sprint, It is a Marathon

I always read this advice from other guru or financial planners that in order to benefit and gain returns from stocks, we should finish the race no matter what . It's not an issue whether you start fast or slow, as long as you reach the finish line. I met a lot of people who do invest their hard-earned money just like what they do in their savings. Remember, when you let your money in the stock market, be ready that it might be wiped out or lost completely. Because, this kind of investment is a lot riskier than these investment vehicles: time deposit, t-bills/bonds (treasury), mutual fund and UITF (Unit Investment Trust Fund) . So in order to minimize the risk and take profits, you should equip yourself with the right knowledge (the ins and outs of it) . I also notice that some people decided to put a big chunk of their savings into the stock market, thus, ignoring the principle of Peso-Cost Averaging (I already explained it in this blog post ) . Doing that will defeat the pu

Everything is Running Out of Time

Are you always in a hurry or are you moving slowly? Which of the two are you? If you're always in a rush and your pace is like a lightning up in the sky, chances of making mistakes are high. Why? Because you're not in focus and you wanted to complete a thing in an instant. What about if you move like you don't want to break a glass? Being like that will only make you do fewer mistakes in life, however, this has a drawback as well. It might run you out of time and your dreams are not 100% attained. So what's the best solution? The answer is simply neutral or in the middle. You act not too quick and not too slow. You don't want to be left behind by your summer days and end up in a gloomy dark night.

2 Ways to Earn in the Stock Market

There are 2 ways to earn in the stock market which I will introduce you to. First is dividends (either cash or stock dividends) and the second is profits (Capital Appreciation) which you will gain once you sold your shares. Let me elaborate and explain this more. Dividends are basically the surplus money that the company gets (profits) and because of that, they distribute it to their shareholders/stockholders based on the number of shares they have. Just like what happened to me last week. LRI (Lafarge, a cement company) paid me 750 pesos (less 75 because of 10% tax so I only get 675) since I have 1,500 shares from them . They gave me 0.50 cents per share so if you do the math, 1,500 * .50 = 750. That's the wonder of dividends!