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I've Noticed Low Earnings in my AdSense Account

Since yesterday, I've noticed low earnings and clickthroughs in my AdSense account. So in response to this, I decided to do some investigation on this blog and I found out, perhaps, the ad placement was the culprit as well as the size of the ads. I did some tweakings and see what would be the result within a week.

Another thing I did was I checked out blogs that really earn money online. From what sizes of ads to use up to where these ads should be placed. Also, don't forget to have a specific and targeted topic or what we call niche. Just conduct your research first regarding what to write about or where you focus your topic most of the time. It's important to have posts which people love to talk about.

AdSense is the highest earner for me followed by Infolinks, Chitika, Clickbank (affiliate marketing site) and more. If no one visits this blog at the same time no one clicks on ads, it's obvious that I won't make any money. It's how this program works. The disadvantage of it is you let people leave your website or blog after clicking the associated ads.

Anyway, enough of this talk. The reason why I write this is for you to know what the status of this blog is. I haven't gotten back what I spent for this blog (overall costs). However, that's not a problem with me or this will never stop me from writing. The important is I enjoy what I do at the same time learn something new. In time, I know all my efforts would pay off. I just have to believe in myself.

Before I forget, you should enable your blog to be mobile-friendly. Meaning, it can be viewed on smartphones, tablets and the like (not just only on desktop). Besides, you should ensure that AdSense ads are enabled as well. You don't want to lose them and not making money for you. You should take into consideration these stuff in mobile world.

I hope you enjoy reading this and could relate on what I experienced. Feel free to leave your comments below.

Thank you.


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