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If You Want to Know the Answer, Seek It

Don't just ask people to get the answer for you. Remember my last post about "Get Advice from Qualified People".

If you have a question that needs to be answered, then look for those who are credible for that question. You don't want to follow advices which will lead you to disaster and frustration.

Internet is a vast place to conduct your research. You can type your concern as well as queries and browse for the results you are interested in. The number one search engine in the world is none other than Google. You just have to sort out the best information.

I also mentioned in one of my posts here that if you value time, you won't waste it looking for every information online. Instead, you pay others to give what you want. I'm not referring to ordinary people who haven't built his/her credibility yet. I'm talking about people who are famous and specializing on what they do. I don't mind in paying money if in return, it can make my life easier.

My last advice is, when you prefer to be the one looking for the information, don't use your mouth and never become impatient when looking for something. Clear your mind first and hope to find a solution to your problem.

That's it! I hope you find this post entertaining to read and interesting to share.

Have a positive mind!


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