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You Complain About the Product Price but Let Me See Your Lifestyle

I respect this friend of mine in expressing her opinion about the money management system and most of the people are like that. So this blog post is not just for her but most probably to people who'll get affected by this.

I'm sure people who are saying their opinion (either good or bad) about something have an interest into it in the first place. Think about it, why do they waste their time on it and express their thoughts? They said the owner of the product teaches how to manage money, save and budget, but his product is expensive. Is that (2,500 pesos) what you define expensive? Before we assume something like that, let me background check your lifestyle first. Would you please show me your gadgets, clothes you are wearing, things you own and more? I'm not questioning you as a person or your lifestyle but what I would like you to realize is if you spend money into these things that continuously take away your wealth every payday, why not invest in things that would make you financially free and literate.

I'm not being defensive and affected by her post, but the fact you express your thoughts about something means it got your attention. 2,500 pesos for me is not expensive or big (however, for some it is) if you view it as a thing that will nourish you and help you prosper in the long run. Besides, some of the seminars, which conducted not just by motivational/life-coach speakers but people with specialized knowledge in something, will cost you 5,000 and up. This money kit system I am talking about will be yours forever once you bought it and can benefit from it again and again.

I would like to leave you this message, "If you are a complainer and make lots of excuses, then don't expect your life to change. You would never have a great life ahead if you think that way and would settle on your current situation". Remember, it's only my opinion and everyone is entitled to theirs.

I welcome any comments or violent reactions.

Thank you for reading.


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