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Choose What You Want to Happen in Your Life: Being an Employee, Business Owner or Both

Are you living your dream life or the life that someone else designed for you?

This is what I noticed in the world I am living. People have been manipulated and controlled by other people. If you're clueless on what I mean about that, let me borrow your attention for a couple of minutes.

I will say it first before you think something else. I'm not downgrading our employers because people behind it esp. founders, owners or bosses want to have a business and that's what they choose to do. They still work for the money but in a smart way. Employees, on the other hand, are striving for a living. They depend on their paycheck to survive and provide for their needs. I'm not saying that being an employee is bad but I want to point out that we should not be contented by just being an employee with all our lives until the company we work for fired us when we reach 60. Having a 9 to 5 job is good but building your various businesses along the way is better.

Take a look on the title of this blog post, it means designing your own lifestyle and the life you desire. Live your dream life or what makes you happy. Remember if you're happy with what you have and enjoy what you are doing, being either of the two is not a big deal. The most important is you give fulfillment to yourself and have a meaningful at the same time.

It all comes to everyone's preference so I won't force this idea to you. What I want you to realize is don't neglect yourself now and suffer in the future. If you only know a linear income (active income), there will come a time that you will stop receiving it once you stopped working. But if you have managed to build your wealth, residual income (passive income) will support you esp. in your old days.

That's it! I don't want to make it longer anymore. So live your dream life one at a time.

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Thank you!


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