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Be Realistic... Not Me

I just want to write a blog post about being realistic. I don't know where exactly I read this advice. If I'm not mistaken, I got it from a book " The 4-Hour Workweek " by Timothy Ferriss. According to him, if we settle our mind being realistic, you will end up in a situation that average (mostly) people took. Why I am saying this is because you let normal things and accepted by people be your goal or destination. In other words, you let your destiny be controlled by the norms of people.

Save Money to Buy More eBooks

I got the title of this post from Foxit PDF Reader . I saw it after I opened a pdf file and it caught my attention. I hope you'll like it. If you love reading and you are a techie person, why not install an e-book pdf reader  in your device (be it smartphone or tablet) and fill it up with lots of e-books that are aligned to your interest. It just occurred in my mind after I opened my netbook and began reading my old e-books.

Don't Let Facebook Rob Your Time

If you're a blogger or internet marketer, I know Facebook is one of the sites you use for marketing and promoting your stuff. It's not only limited to blog post or article, but anything you want to promote online. Regardless if you do this on your profile page, group page or fan page. I use Facebook to share my new content with my friends. However, I usually found myself scrolling down my timeline and checking what my friends were sharing. I unconsciously wasted a lot of time and my true purpose has been set aside. And then in the end, hours have been passed by and somewhat; I became a little bit guilty. It seems I turned out to be unproductive and Facebook stole my precious time.

I've Noticed Low Earnings in my AdSense Account

Since yesterday, I've noticed low earnings and clickthroughs in my AdSense account. So in response to this, I decided to do some investigation on this blog and I found out, perhaps, the ad placement was the culprit as well as the size of the ads. I did some tweakings and see what would be the result within a week. Another thing I did was I checked out blogs that really earn money online. From what sizes of ads to use up to where these ads should be placed. Also, don't forget to have a specific and targeted topic or what we call niche . Just conduct your research first regarding what to write about or where you focus your topic most of the time. It's important to have posts which people love to talk about.

You Complain About the Product Price but Let Me See Your Lifestyle

I respect this friend of mine in expressing her opinion about the money management system and most of the people are like that. So this blog post is not just for her but most probably to people who'll get affected by this. I'm sure people who are saying their opinion (either good or bad) about something have an interest into it in the first place. Think about it, why do they waste their time on it and express their thoughts? They said the owner of the product teaches how to manage money, save and budget, but his product is expensive. Is that (2,500 pesos) what you define expensive? Before we assume something like that, let me background check your lifestyle first. Would you please show me your gadgets, clothes you are wearing, things you own and more? I'm not questioning you as a person or your lifestyle but what I would like you to realize is if you spend money into these things that continuously take away your wealth every payday, why not invest in things that would ma

If You Want to Know the Answer, Seek It

Don't just ask people to get the answer for you. Remember my last post about " Get Advice from Qualified People ". If you have a question that needs to be answered, then look for those who are credible for that question. You don't want to follow advices which will lead you to disaster and frustration. Internet is a vast place to conduct your research. You can type your concern as well as queries and browse for the results you are interested in. The number one search engine in the world is none other than Google. You just have to sort out the best information.

Popular TV Hosts Don't Know How to Make Their Money Works for Them

I read in an online article last week that some of the famous TV hosts here in my country don't know how to fully make their money works for them. Some of them save 10-20% of their income in the bank and then when a certain thing shows up that they really like, they withdraw all or some of their earned money and splurge it all into that gadget. Another one is he just saves his extra money into the bank and nothing else. I'm not saying that saving in the bank is not good but knowing what investments or where to invest your money which gives you a higher return is much better. The money we save in a bank can be used for emergency purposes or other related matters because we can withdraw the money anytime. The last person I would like to share is he doesn't mind what he earns instead he let his wife manage and budget everything. It's not bad either but not good in a sense that you neglect it as if it's not important to you.

Choose What You Want to Happen in Your Life: Being an Employee, Business Owner or Both

Are you living your dream life or the life that someone else designed for you? This is what I noticed in the world I am living. People have been manipulated and controlled by other people. If you're clueless on what I mean about that, let me borrow your attention for a couple of minutes. I will say it first before you think something else. I'm not downgrading our employers because people behind it esp. founders, owners or bosses want to have a business and that's what they choose to do. They still work for the money but in a smart way. Employees, on the other hand, are striving for a living. They depend on their paycheck to survive and provide for their needs. I'm not saying that being an employee is bad but I want to point out that we should not be contented by just being an employee with all our lives until the company we work for fired us when we reach 60. Having a 9 to 5 job is good but building your various businesses along the way is better.

The Line is Long, Still You'll Only Pay a Minimum Payment

I find it funny whenever I see people falling in line and then pay only a minimum payment for their credit card. I will give you an example below. Let's say you have a 20,000 pesos balance in your card and the bank stated on your billing statement that you can pay 1,000 pesos as a minimum payment. Usually, the bank charges you a 3.5% finance charge or interest for the remaining balance you have every month. If you pay 1,000 this month, your 20,000 will be 19,000. However, when you receive your bill, your expected amount turned out to be 19,665 instead of 19,000. Imagine you paid 1,000 but later on found out that only 335 has been deducted on your balance. It's a little bit insane if you do that every single month.

You Have a Job but Want to Earn More

Usually, people have a full time job (Normally, a 9 to 5 job) but still looking for other ways to earn extra income. If you're serious about it, you'll have to improve your other talent apart from your expertise. In my case, I'm a programmer by profession but you'll be shocked after learning my other passion which I utilize to earn extra cash. I'm sure you have an idea what it is coz you are here in my blog seeing lots of published posts. Yes, that's right! I love writing . And since I love doing it, I use it to create this blog, write lots of articles and submit my works to clients who avail my service and pay me in return.