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What Matters is Today

Present is the most important day or perfect moment for us to start a thing. Don't go back to yesterday and wander your thoughts somewhere (daydreaming). The same also to days that are not happening yet (future).

We only live once so make every moment perfect and memorable. If you wanted to start a thing which you don't have a spare time to do back then, now is the right time. There is no correct day, my friend, to begin. It is today that's why it's called present because it's a gift for you to unwrap and discover what's inside.

There's nothing wrong if sometime you thought about your yesterday (regardless if it's good or bad memories) because it's part of your life and it shaped what you are now. What I don't want you to be is to stay being like that and regret things you didn't do. You can learn from your mistakes as experience is the best teacher. You don't have the right to give advices if you, yourself, haven't experienced it. For those people who seek advices, don't ask them.

Also, thinking what would happen to you in the future can motivate you to act what the best for you. Remember that what you do today has an effect in your future whether it's good or bad so take smart choices and make good decisions. Daydreaming, imagining or visualizing is useless if you don't have a plan which lists all the steps you must take. Put those steps into action until you reach your goal. And then after that, plan for a new thing and repeat what you do.

That's the secret to make your life meaningful as well as useful. You are here to enhance talents which God has given to you and it's your job to make this world a better place to live in by helping other unfortunate people.

That's it! I hope you learn that every day is a new day to improve so don't let yesterdays' failures stop you from moving. If you enjoyed reading this post, sharing this with your friends would mean a lot to me.

Thank you!


  1. Most of the time I am thinking of the past LOL. You can't do anything about the past. But you can correct and change something that happened in the past today. Your future also depends on what you are doing today.


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