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The Dot Com Lifestyle

- Time Freedom
- Money Freedom
- and Location Freedom

are all mean Total Freedom.

According to John Chow, the number 1 rule to achieve the Dot Com Lifestyle is to remove yourself as income source (job, profession).

John Chow does 2 hours a day of blogging (having published 2 posts a day) or tending his internet businesses. He said in a funny way the meaning of job (journey of broke). I don't see anything wrong with that because it's his opinion.

I personally admire people who decided to leave their job and be their own boss, but the problem I usually see is they're still slave of other people. They're required to put in more time and effort in order to earn money. In freelancing, you don't have a boss to report in your work to (because you're the boss of yourself, however you'll have clients to serve) and there are no officemates to mingle with. Another advantage you have is you can earn more by putting extra effort unlike in a 9-5 job which is fixed regardless if you worked hard or not.

Young people who are still studying have lots of time but limited money because they depend on their parents. While employees, on the other hand, have money to spend but little time because their presence is needed in their work. In other words, they are enclosed in a four-wall structure.

What about being able to travel and go to places they've been dreaming of. Employees can use their vacation leaves for their trips but still after having happy and memorable moments, they will go back to reality, working for another peoples' business.

What John Chow would like to point out is to start an online business and focus your attention to it while having a full-time work. And by the time you'll see that it exceeds your salary (from your job), then that's the time to leave and resign. Also, he would like to stress that living a Dot Com Lifestyle is having time, money, and location freedom. In short, a total freedom. Don't spend your 16 hours (8 hours is for sleeping) in front of your computer and checking your business every now and then. You have a life out there that needs to be enjoyed anyway.

Don't make your business esp. your online business as substitute to your job. Remember we only live once so don't be a slave of money (meaning, you always think of money) and let your time pass by. You have something great to offer that you, yourself, know. If you don't know it yet, look for your hobbies and interests. Sometimes, the things you really like are where you excel the most.

Anyway, let's end it here but I would like to clarify that I'm not living the Dot Com Lifestyle yet. It's my goal to achieve it that's why I start blogging while having a 9 to 5 job.

I hope you like it. Feel free to share it with your friends in all your social networking sites.

Happy Holidays!


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