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Today is the Last Day of the Year

Today is December 31, 2014, the last day of the year. There are so many things happened to me and I'm thankful for the continuous blessings I receive. My life has changed after I do the following things:

- Tithing. Giving back to the Lord 10% of my income monthly (Actually, it's not 10 that I give. It's only 5% but by next year I will strive to give 10 or more)

- Buying inspirational, motivational and success books. These books gave me a new and rich mindset. If others invested in the coolest and latest gadgets, you would find a mini-library in my room that contains books of Jack Canfield, T. Harv Eker, Brian Tracy, Donald Trump, Og Mandino, Richard Bach, Bo Sanchez, Mitch Albom, John Maxwell, Francisco Colayco and a lot more.

- Watching counterpart movies of the said books above if they were available. Some of the films I've seen were (but I never get tired in watching these again and again) The Secret, The Social Network, Jobs, Antitrust, Pirates of Silicon Valley, The Billionaire aka. Top Secret, just to name a few. These movies showed me that positive thinking and dedication can lead to success. And I find out that Law of Attraction works every time whether you think good or bad so be careful on what you're thinking. Another one I've noticed in the lives of rich people is even though they were not able to finish their studies, they're still super billionaires. What's the secret? They are resourceful and never give in to whatever life throws at them because if they let those obstacles win, they'll always be a failure. Also, remember this: if sometimes you get lost, it's not you who failed, but the things you do. So don't call yourself a failure but instead move on, change your strategy and persist in reaching your dreams.

- Being friendly to all people you meet and encounter. The reason why I do this is because in life, you'll never know when you need their help and assistance. In other words, they are your allies. This quotation proves that we need others in order to be successful, "No man is an island".

- And last but not the least, playing games or having fun. There's nothing wrong in relaxing and pampering yourself some time. Life is boring without these stuff. They will energize you whenever you feel tired and deprived of the best things in life. This is what I do to enjoy my life and become productive in my work. I play games in my smartphone or my portable handheld device.

This is it. What about you? What things did you do this year (from January to December) that gave tremendous changes in your life? If you have a list like this that contributes to your success, I highly encourage you to create yours and share it with me. It's my pleasure to see it.

Advanced Happy New Year!


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