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Increase Your Exposure By Creating Lots of Videos

I just want to share with you what I learned from people like John Chow and Pat Flynn about exposing yourself to a lot of people or their targeted audience. They create useful videos to their readers which help them to solve their problem. Also, what's important about their short videos is they are not afraid to the camera (meaning they're open to the idea of showing their face in front of a camera).

I decided to create my own video tutorials which show what I do online (to make money over the internet). What made me a little bit disadvantage from them is I don't show my face and you can't hear any sound from my videos as I'm still newbie and experimenting this stuff. But who knows, perhaps next year, you'll see me talking in a video.

As much as possible, if your goal is to make a name in a blogosphere, you should create lots of content including videos. Don't forget to give value on whatever materials you produce and share as people of today are very smart. They don't want to listen to people who provided garbage content.

If you want to see what videos I made so far, here is the page dedicated to all my videos. Feel free to leave comments on the space provided below.

Thank you.


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