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Love What You Do or Do What You Love?

Have you ever thought of this before? I'm sure some of you get puzzled on this statement. Others will say that they're just the same. That's why I'm here to give my opinion and enlighten you on this. These two phrases are totally different and not the same. I will explain to you the first one.

Love what you do. It basically tells you to love a certain or specific thing you do which you do not really like. Meaning, you have no choice, but to love it. A great example of this is people (employees) who work for a company. Most of the employees who work in a company do not really like what they do. Usually, they hired to do a job that is far from what they studied and learned in college. But because they need money in order to live and supplement their lifestyle, they are forced to accept, stay in and do the job. As they say, it's better to have any kind of job than nothing. In the end, you will be starting to like or perhaps love it.

With regards to Do what you love, this is most applicable to people who pursue what they really like to happen in their life. A great example is someone who used to be an employee and work for someone else, decided to embark on his/her own, and start doing a business that is aligned to his passion. It's not only to this kind of scenario as this can be for those who change/shift their career path to one they really love. If your course is IT, and you're working as a cashier in one of the famous food chains here in the Philippines, it's not too late. You can still pursue a job where you are good at and an expert too.

Anyway, what about you? Which of the two are you currently in as of now? If your situation is different from what you really want, then I tell you, it's not too late. There is no age bracket in doing things you really want, like or love as it can be anytime. Age is not an issue here, but the fact you really do what you really want to do. I hope it makes sense to you what I said here.

Thanks for your time and feel free to share it with your friends.


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