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If You Want to be Heard, Make a Noise

This is one of the things I learned along my blogging journey. If you're planning to make your blog be known and a word of mouth of people, then a simple tip I can give you is this: make a noise about it. In that way, people will pay attention to you if what you can offer has a sense. Because, if you just write and keep quiet (hoping for them to come and discover what you have), then I can say right of this moment, you'll be getting zero audience. Why do I say this? Did you know that there are hundreds or thousands of blog being born every day and you're not the only one who blogs? Remember the competition is higher so you should be competitive.

Anyway, what I reveal above is true but you must as well keep in mind that not all those bloggers (or people who call themselves with that name because they do blogging) are really serious and take care of their blog. Some of them write whatever their mind thinks of (anything) without a particular niche/topic to target. That's where you have an advantage of over them. But make sure you really know what your niche is and you have a real passion on it.

The purpose of this post is to encourage you not just to write content on your blog and leave it afterwards as those things will not work. If you want to have a continuous flow of traffic, views and visitors, you'd better exert more effort and work hard. One of the things you should do is if you have social media accounts in Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, why not use them to promote your blog, as well as your new entry. Plus, there are more ways to market your blog and here they are:
  • Search for a forum that has the same niche as your blog. Participate there by answering questions in related threads and discussions. Most of the forums allow you to create a signature. That's where you put the URL of your website and chances are if forum members find your answer useful, they might visit your blog by clicking the link found in your signature.
  • Read other similar blogs related to yours and if you like a specific post, try to compose a useful comment. Take note that you will only do this if you have something useful to add to the post and not just for a purpose of creating a backlink to your blog. The author/owner will see if you're just there to promote simply by reading your comment. So don't waste your time and their time if that is your main motive for commenting.
  • If you have a budget in marketing, then utilize the power of Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. There's nothing wrong in spending money for your blog (esp. if you treat it as a business) if you think it will help you to get readers. Take note that you're going to tweak and set up who you would like to see your ads. I haven't tried this yet, but I usually see some people using this strategy esp. in Facebook. Sometimes, I couldn't resist myself to click on the advertised ads at the right side of my timeline because it looks interesting to me and I want to find out what I can get/see after clicking the banner. The same goes for the ads on the websites or blogs whenever you browse. Just make sure you have a great banner with an irresistible message to attract targeted people to click on.
That's it! I'm sure you've read other great tips somewhere which I haven't covered here. Feel free to share with us by leaving it on the space provided below. Take note that it must be stated in your own words because I don't want a  copy-pasting stuff here. However, if you disagree with me, then let me know. Who knows, I might be wrong or missed something out. Learning is a two-way process. You can learn from me at the same time, I can learn from you. Thanks for your time!

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