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How Can I Generate that X Amount of Money?

I just want to share with you what I learned from the great books I read as well as financial websites I visit. If you need certain amount of money, ask yourself with this question, "how can I generate that x amount of money?" instead of expressing in words, "I can't afford it.”

Why you should do this is because by asking that question it will help you think ways on how to come up with that amount. You use your mind and it magically shows you what things you must take.

As for using the second action which most of the people do, it will stop you from thinking and looking for ways. It's as if you prefer to stay in your current situation and do not want to go out of your shell.

I personally experienced and proved that this strategy works. I needed an x amount of money and I actually asked myself how do I get that amount of money. And in just 2 weeks, I tried approaching a bank to ask for a personal loan and voila, they approved my application (Actually, what I got was the money from my credit card which they converted to cash with little interests and not a personal loan).

That's the power of mind and if you really want to reach your dream / achieve something. Don't settle for less as I believe, everyone can achieve their dreams if they have a will to make those come true. Just believe in yourself and everything will happen according to your plan.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog post. If you do, it would be a great pleasure to me if you share it to your friends. Thank you!


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