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Create and Capture How-To Stuff

Recently, I discovered that our desktop at home has video capture software installed in it. I already installed CamStudio, which is a free and open source, but my antivirus, AVG Free 2015, treated it as a virus so I uninstalled it and forget the program.

But a miracle appeared in my face while looking around at my PC and I found Screencast-o-matic. I don't know if it is pre-installed software of Windows 7 or someone (or maybe me) installed this before but I'm thankful that finally I can capture stuff I do to make money online and turn them into how-to/video tutorials.

Anyway, I will show you my first captured video and that is how I make money in Neobux. Basically, you will find in the video what steps I do every single day (or my daily routine) because it's so hard to explain everything in words. Some people prefer learning through watching. I don't promise you that you will earn big money overnight but with determination and constant doing of this, you can earn money too just like me.

This is one of my ways on how I earn money over the internet and the focus of this blog post is to video whatever you do online if you think it would help and benefit everyone. Wait for my second, third and more videos from me as I'm planning to share everything I do online so you can make money as well.

Enjoy watching and start earning. Share this to your friends so they'll know about this. Thanks!


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