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COL Financial, My Online Stock Broker

Before anything else, I would like to post the requirements for opening an account with them:

* Photocopy of 1 valid Government issued ID (Photo and signature must be clear)
* Billing Statement – Recent, no later than 3 months past
* Prepare Php 5,000 as the fund for opening your Starter Account. Please take note that it will be deposited to your account and it can be used for your investing afterwards (for further details, read this).

Here's also the address of their business center:

COL Business Center
2403-B East Tower, PSE Center Exchange Road,
Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Phil. 1605

(according to them, they will call or email you your id/reference number once you're done setting up your account)

Here's my brief post about COL Financial (their YouTube Channel) and investing in Stock Market:

Do you ever dream of investing in stocks esp. in your country where you live? Let me have your attention, my friend. I do invest my money in Philippine Stock Market since August of this year, 2014. Right now, I consider myself as a semi-investor and semi-trader.

But let me first differentiate these two types of person. Investor is a person who invests and buys shares/stocks of companies he/she believes in for a long term (more than 5 years). This person consistently buys stocks in his/her preferred frequency (how often or if he/she wants it to do monthly, quarterly or yearly) with a fix amount of money (how much, for example 5,000 a month or it depends on him). This strategy or approach is called "Peso-Cost Averaging" wherein you buy whether the market price (of the companies you choose) is high or low.

I will give you an example. Your 5,000 pesos today can buy 100 shares of ABC company (a fictional company) if the price per share is 50 pesos. Next month (consider you invest monthly), the price per share drops to 20 pesos and because of that, you can buy 250 shares. Some people who do not have a proper education/knowledge about it immediately sell their number of stocks from ABC because they are afraid that it might go down further. If that happens, they would lose all their money in Stock Market and thus, call it a risky investment. But my advice is to stay calm and clear your clutter mind. The reason why I introduced to you the Peso-Cost Averaging is to invest no matter what the situation of the market is. For the third month, the price per share soars up high to 100 pesos. It can buy you 50 shares only. Please remember this: you buy fewer shares when the price is high and you buy more when the price is low. Just accumulate a number of shares from the company you believe in (that is popular and stable) and by the time you are ready to sell them (after so many years), you will certainly get a profit. Also, don't forget the dividends, my friend. It will give you great wonder once the company you've invested in decided to share their profits with their stockholders.

As for the traders, these people are those who make it as their full-time living/job. They are in the market to watch the trend (fluctuation, whether the market is up or down) and if they see that they can profit from it, they immediately sell their portfolio. These people know the ins and outs of this strategy so if you want to dive into and be serious about it, then you should learn this with all your heart. Don't go there and play this game without the right or enough knowledge as I guarantee you, you'll definitely lose some or all your money.

So here's my advice if you're a beginner/starter/newbie, be an investor first. You should also tie a specific goal to your investment portfolio. If you have invested in two companies (ABC and DEF), then you should assign them to your specific purposes. For example, the investment you have in ABC will be intended to use for your retirement and the one in DEF is for your kids' education. That's it! I hope you'll find this useful.

Before I forget, COL Financial offers EIP (Easy Investment Program) for people who want to be an investor. This program allows them to buy shares of their preferred company(ies) based on their chosen amount and date regularly. How does this work? It will email those who enrolled in about the due date of their scheduled order. It just reminds them to do the buying so they would not forget it and miss their investing.

Thank you so much for your time in reading this supposed to be short post but ended up long. If you have questions, feel free to ask by leaving your comment below. Happy investing!


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