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Hire Me to Be a Writer of Your Blog

Do you have a new blog which has a one-two blog post/s so far? Do you ever need someone who will write for you every day? If that's the case, then look no more as I offer myself to be your personal writer. However, before we start our negotiation, please ensure we're on the same page. Your blog should have the same niche as my blog so I could give you content where I am good at. I know what you're thinking. Your mind says it might be a conflict of interest.

Increase Your Exposure By Creating Lots of Videos

I just want to share with you what I learned from people like John Chow and Pat Flynn about exposing yourself to a lot of people or their targeted audience. They create useful videos to their readers which help them to solve their problem. Also, what's important about their short videos is they are not afraid to the camera (meaning they're open to the idea of showing their face in front of a camera).

Watch Success Movies to Inspire and Motivate Yourself

If you're looking for inspiration and motivation, then one thing you should consider is to watch success movies. I became hooked to it recently after I discovered some of these great titles: " The Social Network ", " Jobs ", " The Secret ", " Antitrust ", " Pirates of Silicon Valley ", "The Billionaire aka. Top Secret", just to name a few. Aside from collecting and reading books about how to become rich, I make sure I allot time to watching films that inspire me as a person. Those are true to life stories and they really happened.

How Can I Generate that X Amount of Money?

I just want to share with you what I learned from the great books I read as well as financial websites I visit. If you need certain amount of money, ask yourself with this question, "how can I generate that x amount of money?" instead of expressing in words, "I can't afford it.” Why you should do this is because by asking that question it will help you think ways on how to come up with that amount. You use your mind and it magically shows you what things you must take. As for using the second action which most of the people do, it will stop you from thinking and looking for ways. It's as if you prefer to stay in your current situation and do not want to go out of your shell.

Forex Trading, Shall I Next You?

I would like to share with you my interest to trade in Foreign Exchange. Foreign Exchange or Forex is not new to me as I already attended some basic introduction seminars before. It's different from Stock Market because it is not dependent to a country's economy. My brother started learning this stuff few months ago and right now he's still in studying phase coz he ensures he understands fully the ins and outs of it. Forex is a lot riskier than Stock Market so we'd better equip ourselves with proper knowledge.

Don't Rush In Achieving Your Dream

Don't rush in achieving your dream because there is no shortcut to that. I learned that we should be patient in everything we do and take small step at a time. Do things slowly but surely. But don't learn or know everything before you start an action. The important is you made a plan about it and initiated an action. People are very impatient and wanted to see quick result that's why they easily fell to scams. They wanted to double their investment without doing any kind of work. The reality is we should work hard in the beginning in order to enjoy the rewards in the future. We must also learn how to work smart and not work hard for our entire lives.

Pay the Subscription Fee If You Like the Software

Don't settle for a free or trial one if you benefit from using a specific software. I just want to share in this post what made me write this content. Yesterday, I published a post about video-capturing program named screencast-o-matic (if you want to read it or you miss it, click this link ). This software does a pretty good job from capturing what on your computer screen for 15 minutes up to saving it to the following video file types: avi, mp4, flv, just to name a few.

Create and Capture How-To Stuff

Recently, I discovered that our desktop at home has video capture software installed in it. I already installed CamStudio, which is a free and open source, but my antivirus, AVG Free 2015, treated it as a virus so I uninstalled it and forget the program. But a miracle appeared in my face while looking around at my PC and I found Screencast-o-matic. I don't know if it is pre-installed software of Windows 7 or someone (or maybe me) installed this before but I'm thankful that finally I can capture stuff I do to make money online and turn them into how-to/video tutorials.

Don't Just Start, Finish It

I've recently watched John Chow's video stating that starting something is not the most important thing to do, but finishing is. I'm guilty because I'm one of those people who recommend and wrote in this blog that we should go and start that one thing we desire. I realized after watching the video, finishing a thing is far better than starting because at starting, the passion and eagerness are there but without determination, those driving forces will fade out gradually. You must have a reason why you do a thing as if your life depends on it and treat it as the last day of your life. Anyway, here are reasons why people failed at something :

Feed Your Mind with Knowledge from Right People

I decided to write this blog post as I see so many crap information online. With just a few types on keyboard's keys about the information you need in Google, it shows you hundreds or thousands of content from different sources. And if you read and absorb what they told you, you'll be dizzy and confused because of the information overload. Some of the things they are discussing in their website, blog or article are just general tips and recommendations which are common to us. If they provided real how-tos on how to be successful in attaining certain things, then that would be better.

2 Seminars You Must Attend When Investing in Stock Market

Before you invest your hard-earned money to Philippine Stock Market, COL Financial offers 2 introduction free seminars about stocks. They teach you what a stock market is all about and what strategy to use. My brother introduced this to me after I opened an account with the said broker. Actually, those 2 seminars should be attended prior to opening an account to see if investing in stocks is for you. But it's up to you which you should do first since it's your choice. Anyway, I will not prolong it and direct you to what this post is all about in the first place.

COL Financial, My Online Stock Broker

Before anything else, I would like to post the requirements for opening an account with them: * Photocopy of 1 valid Government issued ID (Photo and signature must be clear) * Billing Statement – Recent, no later than 3 months past * Prepare Php 5,000 as the fund for opening your Starter Account. Please take note that it will be deposited to your account and it can be used for your investing afterwards ( for further details, read this ) . Here's also the address of their business center: COL Business Center 2403-B East Tower, PSE Center Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Phil. 1605 (according to them, they will call or email you your id/reference number once you're done setting up your account)

Why This Blog Has My Name

I know you're wondering why this blog's domain name is my name. Since my niche or targeted topic is learn to earn money online and blogging tips , why don't I choose keywords that are related to them such as or (I'm not claiming or own these domains regardless if those are active or not).

Love What You Do or Do What You Love?

Have you ever thought of this before? I'm sure some of you get puzzled on this statement. Others will say that they're just the same. That's why I'm here to give my opinion and enlighten you on this. These two phrases are totally different and not the same. I will explain to you the first one. Love what you do . It basically tells you to love a certain or specific thing you do which you do not really like. Meaning, you have no choice, but to love it. A great example of this is people (employees) who work for a company. Most of the employees who work in a company do not really like what they do. Usually, they hired to do a job that is far from what they studied and learned in college. But because they need money in order to live and supplement their lifestyle, they are forced to accept, stay in and do the job. As they say, it's better to have any kind of job than nothing. In the end, you will be starting to like or perhaps love it.

If You Want to be Heard, Make a Noise

This is one of the things I learned along my blogging journey. If you're planning to make your blog be known and a word of mouth of people, then a simple tip I can give you is this: make a noise about it . In that way, people will pay attention to you if what you can offer has a sense. Because, if you just write and keep quiet (hoping for them to come and discover what you have), then I can say right of this moment, you'll be getting zero audience. Why do I say this? Did you know that there are hundreds or thousands of blog being born every day and you're not the only one who blogs? Remember the competition is higher so you should be competitive. Anyway, what I reveal above is true but you must as well keep in mind that not all those bloggers (or people who call themselves with that name because they do blogging) are really serious and take care of their blog. Some of them write whatever their mind thinks of (anything) without a particular niche/topic to target. That'