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Use Your Blog for Marketing Affiliate Programs

Do you love blogging? If you do, I'm sure you have lots of blog esp. when you're just using a free service/hosted like,,, just to name a few. However, if you're a type of person who uses blog as the deposit or storage of your day-to-day experiences or happenings, then that would be a good start. Feel the hang of it and make yourself familiar with all the stuff before deciding to become a serious blogger.

Anyway, the reason why I write this post is to share with you that you can promote a product which is inclined to your blog niche. Of course, much better if you promote a minimal number of product, 1 or 2 is my recommendation, and you must actually use the product in order for you to give an honest review about it. Share with your readers what benefits did you get from it and what things you did not like. In that way, they (your readers) can see you as a real person who recommends an item that you really used. There's nothing wrong with that as the only wrong you could do is when you fake it and market products which you do not have a real experience in the first place.

Applying as an affiliate in your preferred popular sites like and is free. You don't have to pay anything despite you use their site and whenever you make a sale. The publisher or owner of the product (you wanted to promote) set how much the commission they would be willing to give to every affiliate/promoter (that is implemented in Clickbank but no idea in Amazon).

Anyway, before I end this post, it's up to you what you would like your blog be. Be it an online business or compilation of your thoughts, it's not a problem. The problem is when you hide what you know from people who would benefit from it. Share your thoughts and opinion. That was where I started before I have this great blog.

Keep reading and learning. If you want to learn more about tips and advice on making money at home, please subscribe to Learn to Earn Money Online feed, thank you.


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