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Results of My One Month Blogging

The outcome of JethroSas project

It's October now and September had already passed swiftly. Anyway, what you can read here is the result of my consistent blogging in the month of September. Basically, what I did was publishing more than 3 content per week until the month came to an end.

My experiences in doing this challenge were awesome. I learned a lot like producing more and quality blog posts will gather huge traffic as well as increased earnings. Upon checking my last month's page views, this blog gained 3,699 views while my Adsense earned $3.42 (this is by far my highest earnings). I think my efforts have paid off and I will keep doing this strategy. I will place here screenshots so your doubts will go away.

The reason why I started this can be found on this link and I was inspired by the IM product of PotPieGirl named One Week Marketing. Basically, that product shows you how to earn money from affiliate business in a week using her methods. I suddenly hit an idea what if I write content consistently in a month and see what would be the result. And here's the proof and I can't deny the importance of consistency when it comes to posting useful content.

My September Adsense Earnings - 2014
Adsense Earnings - September 2014 Pageviews - September 2014
Page views - September 2014

Also, before I end this post, there are so many things that I need to accomplish before this year ends. I'm planning to transfer my free web hosting for this blog to paid web hosting of Hostgator, creating my own eBooks and use them as giveaways/freebies for my future email list as per John Chow, according to his Blogging with John Chow product, we must learn to build an email list in the first day of blogging because that's where the money is. Of course, we should continuously give value to our readers/subscribers and build relationship with them.
Anyway, I hope at some point in your life, you challenge yourself to do a thing as that's where the real change in your life begins. Please spread this if you enjoy it. Thanks!


  1. WOW! No wonder I have so much reading to do all of a sudden, but liking all the updates! Great job Jethro and that's actually a real accomplishment! Woot! Keep it up!

    1. I think I got inspired from one of your comments. You mentioned in one of my posts about the blog posting schedule and that's what I am doing now. Thanks again my buddy. :)

  2. good job for first month blogging.. can you update us on your current stats? Thanks!

    1. Hi Louren,

      Thanks for your time reading and commenting on this blog post. Currently, I become inactive on this blog so my page views and earnings were low. Thus, this is what you will surely get when you neglect your business.

      Anyway, because of your comment, I think I should continue this project again. Thank you again and I hope you become my frequent reader. :)


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