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Why Do I Blog/Write Stuff Other Than Money?

I'm sure some of you have wrinkled their forehead and puzzled why my blog contains stuff ranging from blogging tips up to how to generate traffic instead of making money alone. You may also notice my logo above which has a tag-line "making money, made easy" with my initials at the left (I changed 's' to a dollar sign as it signifies money). My answer is this: as long as it is related to making money online, my post or soon to be posts will be focused on there.

Blogging tips are necessary in order for your blog to be search-engine friendly and can be easily found by Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is also indexable to your chosen keyword like for this blog, it's learn to earn money online. You could possibly find here topics about SEO, how to have a fantastic blog post, tips I do to tweak and continuously improve the looks of it and many diverse topics which I put enormous time to provide useful content. Also, I've just recently learned that in order to be unique and separate you from other bloggers, you should put yourself, style and opinions into what you are writing. That will surely make your readers be excited on your post and will look forward to it.

Another one is traffic generation. Aside from the content you produce every day or every week, you should put ample time in marketing (letting your blog be known on the internet). I've recently published posts about the importance of using StumbleUpon, a well-known bookmarking site, posting an update in my Facebook Profile, tweeting in Twitter and the most-overlooked/ignored social networking site, Google Plus. These are the sites I use whenever I have made a new entry. And that's also the reason why I have social media buttons in every post of this blog. I'm just hoping that once my visitor or reader is done reading one of my posts, they would click on these buttons. They will only do that if they find my content useful and worth to share so their friends will benefit from it as well. So my job is simple. Craft a very useful and tempting content that will make my readers share it. It will be a win-win situation for both of us.

And last but not the least, making money over the internet. Sometimes, I question myself if I have the right to blog about this topic/niche. Even though, I already made some money before, writing in other site, what important is do I really earn money blogging on this blog. To tell you the truth, I haven't withdrawn or en-cashed from my different monetization found on this blog (Adsense, Chitika, Infolinks and Affiliate links). My Adsense account is currently on its way to reaching my first 100 bucks. Infolinks right now is doing great and the 5 dollar minimum cash out is within my reach. Chitika has a 50 dollar minimum before they will pay me but as of now, you will find cents in my account there =). And my final way of earning is through my affiliate links which you may find at both sides (sidebar). One is from John Chow and the other one is from Bro. Bo Sanchez. Both of their products are membership sites. The former is about how to improve our blog and earn money from it. While the latter will teach you how to invest in Philippine Stock Market and you will receive inspirational, motivational talks in a form of eBooks, audios and videos.
Anyway, everything is now clear to you. These are the reasons why you find here topics that are outside my main niche. Just focus on a topic that you are interested to and have a passion about because that's where you will succeed. Why? Because no matter what happens, if you know what you are writing about, then you can easily write and produce it in a matter of hours. Also, I learned that we should not go for money making topic because of the reason you badly want to earn money. That will only make you desperate if you follow that path. But it's okay if you really made some money before like in my case. Just share with the world what you know so others will benefit from it.

I hope you find this post interesting as I tried my best to express my current situation. Feel free to leave your comment below if you have one. Thanks!


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