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Make a Habit to Prepare a One Week Blog Post

I admire John Chow as he consistently produces two blog posts per day. He can manage to do that without a miss if you watch out his blog. Anyway, what made me wonder as well as his readers is how he can have something for his audience to read on. Is it he writes at the time he wakes up and allots few of his time just to have a new and fresh content in his blog? Or does he use the strategy of letting other people write in his blog by hosting a guest blogging?

To answer this, I stumbled upon and found myself in one of his posts. He discussed there and answered how he can produce content daily. He made that post because some of his readers were asking him to give a tip on it. The only technique he follows according to himself is we must find a day in a week to write for a one-week post. Meaning, we should have a ready content for a whole week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday until Sunday) and make the post autopilot (execute automatic posting) by using Schedule feature (if you use Blogger) or Time Stamp (if you use WordPress). Basically, you set up what time and day your post will be live when you're done composing your post. That's how wonderful and awesome this feature. You don't have anything to worry about either you're on a vacation or have a fever as everything is working on its own. Your presence is not required as long as you do your assignment beforehand which is making advanced posts for a week.

Actually, this is my problem right now and obviously, you noticed it too since there were times that I had not posted anything. I used to have a long queued of content before which would be published every Wednesday, but it's giving me a hard time to maintain it and keep my momentum. Maybe I should follow John Chow's tip so I have lots of content to offer to my readers and I will never run out of stuff to share. Just remember to not force yourself to write every day for the sake of having a new blog post coz it only made you look desperate and the quality of your work will suffer on the other hand. Just set a day for writing and make sure you have a ready content for a whole week.

I hope you learn something after reading this and let me know if you have any questions that arise while being here. Thanks for your time and have a great day!


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