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What the World Would Be Like If Web Hosting Didn't Exist

First of all and before you continue your reading, I would like to emphasize that what you will read here are just my opinion and I am not claiming this as fact or what will really happen if web hosting didn't exist. So I just warn you on this beforehand and don't take seriously what I will discuss here. I'm just interested about this generated topic about web hosting which I got from this site's Title Maker tool after I entered "Web Hosting" as my keyword.

Anyway, let's now proceed and listen to what I am going to say. Before anything else, it's not definitely dedicated to paid web hosting like HostGator or InMotion but also to free ones just like what this blog is currently using, Blogspot.

Importance of Web Hosting
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What the world would be like if web hosting didn't exist? My first thought is this. Since there is no available space being offered online, you have no choice but to set up your own server at home if you really wanted to have a blog or website. That is a difficult task for a normal person esp. if he's not familiar with hardware/networking stuff and it's not what he studied in college. I imagine that it will take us days, months or perhaps a year just to have a space for our own pages on the internet. I would prefer read a book and close my computer if that's the scenario.

Second is related to the first one. There will be no websites (including Facebook, Google, YouTube, just to name a few) and blogs to be found online and internet, in my opinion, is not what it is today. No one will get interested and be serious on it as if it is not existing in our world. So that's why, I have a deep respect to Tim Berners-Lee for inventing/discovering the internet and to all great people who expanded and made it as it is today.

What about the third one? It is sure hard to think now as the first covers everything as well as the second. So do not ignore the importance of web hosting. Regardless if it is free or not, what important is it is there waiting for us to utilize and maximize. If you want to make money from blogging or from website you are planning to build, consider getting a paid web hosting from site like HostGator or InMotion aside from the professional domain name which you get from your chosen domain registrar (GoDaddy or NameCheap).

I hope everything I say here makes sense to you and adds value to what you need in building a blog or website. It's an off-topic but I've just recently known that web hosting site has affiliate program wherein when you refer one person and he buys any web hosting plan, you will definitely and automatically get 50 bucks or more. One example is the affiliate program of HostGator and because of that I'm excited to buy mine and begin my blogging despite some expenses that are waiting for me to pay monthly or yearly. I know everything will happen if I put my desires that are inside my mind into action. Nothing will change if you keep holding back and wait for the perfect moment. There is no perfect moment but today. So act now!

I do hope you like it. Comment if you have something to say. Thanks!


  1. I so agree with you on this one. I mean, Not everyone is that blessed when it comes to coding and stuff. When people made hosting sites, it's just much more easier to reach out to people. For free or with minimal charge to boot. I say win-win. Thanks web hosting!

    1. I'm glad that you agree with me esp. it's just my opinion. As a matter of fact, I'm a little bit worried when the time comes I'm about to set up my new or this blog itself into my paid web hosting. Thanks Lexie for your comment. :)


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