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If It Doesn't Work, Try Another

This type of blog post is different from the ones you've already read in this blog. It's like a tip or opinion type of post wherein I express my thoughts and opinion. I hope you'll enjoy this as you continue your reading.

Anyway, what this content is all about is if you try a thing to work many times but you've always met the same result over and over again, I guess you should give up that thing and try another. There's nothing wrong in giving up of what you are doing as still there are different methods to do it. Do not stick in one way but to learn how to be mutable and do other things.

Do not get me wrong about people who never gave up inspite of 1000 plus of rejections they faced. Harland Sanders, founder of KFC, met 1,009 times before someone accepted his chicken recipe and became successful. That's another story and one in a million. If you have a great product and you put a tremendous time and effort in making it, then I guess, that's the time you put your everything no matter what happens as if your life depends on it.

However, if the instance is trying out what the newly bought eBook tells you, it's a different story. If the proposed ideas and methods are not feasible (caters old and traditional steps), and promising that in less effort you earn immediately, you should stop reading that eBook and look for a better one. First, find a person who really did earn and has a result you wanted to achieve. You should see if he is telling the truth by observing his blog and everything he does. In that way, you should stick with him and follow his advices. Just like what I've recently done. I purchased Blogging with John Chow product and got an access in his membership site where all I need can be found. I learned a lot of great stuff and in my opinion, if I follow him faithfully, I think 100 dollars a month or more is within my reach.

So I would end this by telling you that don't force a thing that you already know will not work coz it only wastes not just your effort but your time in becoming wealthy. Learn to know beforehand people who really earn money from crooked who just there to get money out of your pocket. Internet Marketers don't afraid to reveal their secrets as doing so will earn them more money consistently in the future.

I hope everything I said here makes sense to you. I'm open for your criticisms if you disagree. Thank you.


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