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How Do I Find My Next Blog Post Ideas?

We, bloggers, tend to look out for ideas for our next blog post. We dig into ourselves and see if we have some experiences to share which are related to our blog niche. Every day we try to look for an inspiration or topic to write about. Every hour or minute passes by, and before the day ends, we must have something for our audience.

Anyway, you will read here how I find ideas for my next blog post. Since you are important to me, I'll show you where I got my inspiration:

  • Write about things I do such as how I made my own post and the like.
  • Experience in blogging and how I made money from writing in Squidoo and other free sites.
  • Reading and browsing comments in my previous posts. If I found a comment that needs an answer, then that's the time I write a response-post.
  • Checking stats in Analytics and see what post is popular. Then after that, I will make many related posts on that topic.
  • Visiting other famous blogs that are similar to mine and see what they blog about. Read their posts and do my own version, understanding and interpretation.
  • Just like the list above, I try checking my competitors' blog and see if they have something great they do that I haven't tried or done.
  • Asking for my friends' opinion about my blog. What they can say to the looks, quality of my posts, et cetera.
  • And last but not the least, don't forget to add yourself into what you are writing. People will see if you're just another copycat blogger who only repeats what others write. But if you add your own style and voice, they will get entertained and enjoy your post.

I'm sure you will ask yourself why you are here on this blog and reading this ordinary post which others might have done in a more better approach. But I can answer you with this: you are here for some reason (perhaps, you enjoy reading my posts or the way I write and present ideas). That's it!
If you enjoy this or not (I hope you do), please let me know through leaving a comment below. I will be happy to read what you can say. Thanks!


  1. That point about checking the Analytics is quite nifty! Good one!

    1. That tip will only work if in the first place, you set it up on your blog. Thanks for reading! :)


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