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How Do I Drive Traffic To My Blog?

Below are the steps I do whenever I need traffic to my blog:

  • After I publish a new content, I promote it in Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.
  • I utilize the power of a blog commenting by leaving a useful comment on popular, authority and similar blogs. I ensure that I leave valuable inputs to the original post. Remember that don't just comment for the purpose of making a backlink to your site.
  • I also promote it in communities at G+ and Facebook that have same niche as mine.
  • On the other hand, I do a search in Twitter if there are tweets related to my blog post. If there is, I send them a direct tweet. Sometimes, there are tweets looking for an answer to their question and it just so happen that I have a specific post about it.
As the general rule in blogging, if you want your blogs to stay longer, you should write stuff that you are passionate about or align to your interest. Because you will never get tired of producing new and fresh content.

I will also consider implementing a guest post (so for those who are interested, watch out for it) here since it is one of suggested ways of gurus online in order to make our blog famous and popular. Also, by doing this, it will drive traffic not just to my blog but to blogs of those bloggers who do a guest posting here. Their readers will find their post in my site as well as my readers will see their content. And the opportunity arises for both of us. Perhaps, my readers might click the link of the author if they found their work useful.

It's an off-topic, but no one can stop me to share this awesome feeling. If you have an Adsense account, the interesting part for me is the excitement to reach 100 dollars and the feeling that there are people reading my blog. And I will give you a tip since you reach this part. Adsense positioning is important as much as blending the ad with your blog content. Doing so will boost up your Adsense earnings.

I hope this entry inspires you to get serious in your blogging career. Have a nice day!


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