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Do You Put Your Time and Effort in Your Own Blog?

If I were you, I would focus in my own blog and leave those free writing sites. You know why? Because if they decided to implement new rules, you are required to follow or else you won't be satisfied on the results. All of your efforts will go in vain esp. if that's where you get your main source of income. You need to pay bills every month. You have to satisfy your needs as human and so much more.

This is what I'm doing right now. Instead of focusing my time and effort building portfolios in some other sites and expect for money in return, I decided to focus in this blog. But I learned something new while reading some of the comments here. We should not totally dismiss those article writing sites like Hubpages and Zujava as they can help us to improve our blog's or website's PageRank (pr) as well as popularity. That's one of the strategies that I learned in my SEO study.

Anyway, this quotation can also be applied to not just in investing but also in this industry. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. You know why because if that website decided to stop their service and existence online, you have no choice but to accept it and your main source of income will disappear like a bubble in the air. This blog of mine has many monetization to be found. If ever one of them discontinued their service or rejected me as their publisher/affiliate, then it's not a problem with me as I still have others. That's what I'm stressing. If you have Adsense, don't be contented to just have it as your only source of income. Incorporate other means of earnings which are complement with the former. Some of these are Infolinks, Chitika and Affiliate Links. You are allowed to do that just like what this blog does however, I don't recommend to overpopulate/over-monetize your blog or website with ads as your audience/readers will hate messy sites. They will surely leave, hit the back button of their browser and look for other clean and neat pages. Remember to take in mind the value you can give to other people through your posts, not just what you can earn because no one will get serious or do a negotiation with you.

Also, try to study what other bloggers apply to their blog and adapt those things you think are important. In that way, you don't need free sites like Squidoo to get paid for your effort and time. However, if you have account in other free website and you don't mind posting articles there, then the money you will get from them are just bonuses since your main objective is to promote your blog. Build your brand in your own space and not in other sites. Learn from John Chow as right now, I am currently taking his course Blogging with John Chow and I'm absorbing everything I need to learn. I also apply his tips, suggestions and recommendations in order to improve the way I blog and earn money at the same time. Try it and check what he can offer to you.
I hope you enjoy reading this blog post and learn the importance of focusing on your own blog instead of free websites. So if I were you, I will not repeat others' mistake. Thank you for reading and if you like this, feel free to share it with your friends by clicking on the social media buttons below.

Before I forget, I would love to share this statement commented by one of my readers:

"You still need websites like Squidoo just to help you when your blog is still new, but when you start to make good money, you have to put efforts on it and forget about free sites."


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