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6 Problems with Affiliate Marketing

These are the problems I see in Affiliate Marketing:

1. Since the main product in Affiliate Marketing is an eBook, everyone has the ability to create their own. Even those who are not expert in a topic can make their own eBook. People whose main language is not English can create their product and sometimes or usually, it's difficult to comprehend despite they provided a fantastic content.

2. Being a publisher in Affiliate Marketing site like ClickBank is just a click of a mouse. Meaning you have a product and you don't know how to market it. Thus, you ended up being a publisher in few minutes and wanted people to help you in promoting it. By doing this, you agreed to give a percentage or commission of your earnings to every sale they made. Take note that this is an autopilot and it doesn't need you to process it manually.

3. I also mentioned that the product is in the form of eBook, a digital file. We are aware that eBook is not editable though other people can manage to do. Also please remember that since it's a digital file, buyers/purchasers can get it by downloading it through the given link. I'm not sure if that link can be shared with other people or it has a unique id inserted that only the buyer can get it. But we can not remove the possibility of getting it be downloaded illegally without the owner's permission/consent. That's one of the disadvantages I think.

4. Let's make ClickBank an example of affiliate products storage. Since, creating an account there is free and you have nothing to pay in using their site, the catch here is they get a minimal portion from the total amount of your product (fee, 7.5% I think). It's not a problem with me as I firmly believe in "give and take principle" but to others it is a big deal. I think that's the reason why they decided to store their products in their own space, put everything in order like how to get the payment in a secured way, and mask the URL or link of a product so it can not be shared online. That's a lot of tasks but worth it if you want to keep all your earnings to yourself. The only important point you dismiss here is the power of leveraging. Letting more people promote your product for you.

5. When people (those who are looking for a certain product that is aligned to their niche) is browsing in specific affiliate marketing site, there are tons of products to choose from. That's where the competition comes in for the product owner. Marketers only choose a product with the highest gravity. The number in gravity means a product is popular and successfully sold by unique affiliate/marketer. It doesn't matter if one marketer sold a lot of that product as it only be counted as one. 1% is equal to 1 product successfully sold by one marketer. If they saw that gravity is high, chances are they will promote it immediately since there is a demand.

6. Some people or customers do not believe or trust when the product is just an eBook. They assume it's not worth of their money as they see other products superior to it. I was like those people before, but I realize the power of information. Some say why I should buy your eBook if I can find those information over the internet. That's true, but it takes time and a lot of effort in your part. You have to do trial and error and see if that one would work. Unlike from the information you get in eBook (make sure the author or creator is a real deal like John Chow), everything is laid out to us and that information has been tried and tested by the author himself. He will not put his reputation in vain just to get money from our pocket and leave us with nothing. That's why I highly encourage you to look for a real people whose main objective is to help a lot of bloggers.

There's nothing wrong with patronizing Affiliate Marketing because, as a matter of fact, there are so many people who've already earned money from it. ClickBank is a great site if your product is digital while Amazon or eBay is for physical/tangible ones. Honestly, if you really want to make money online, one of the means is to be an affiliate marketer and promote a product you believe in aside from the usual Adsense ads and text-link based ads. You've already witnessed here in my blog my ways of making money and that's how transparent I am with everything I do.

I hope you learn something new today and see Affiliate Marketing in a new different light. Promote only an affiliate product that you actually use. Don't deceive other people for the purpose of putting cash into your pocket as I guarantee you, you will never have a repeat customer in the future. Thank you.


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