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10 Best Ways to Earn Money Online

Mama said I’m just wasting my time whenever I’m in front of my computer. Sorry Ma, you’re wrong. I can get rich with my computer. In this internet age, there are lots of ways to earn money. So if you want to get rich, here’s the ten best ways to earn money online.

  • Selling Stock Photos – If you have a passion for photography, you can sell your stock photos in websites like Shutterstock and GettyImages. And if you have superb photography skills, you can earn up to a million dollars per year. The top earning stock photographer, Yuri Arcurs, has that kind of income because he sells four million images per year on average.
  • Affiliate Marketing – You can earn money by selling other people’s products online. And if you’re persuasive and patient enough, your income can grow up to $2500 a month.
  • Graphic Design – Can you create high-quality designs? Be a modern day Da Vinci and sell them online. 99Designs is a haven for graphic designers. People can earn up to $1000 a month in that website.
  • Be a Virtual Assistant – There are several sites that offer jobs for virtual assistants. If you’re willing to do secretarial work for a remote boss, you can earn up to $4100 a month. Odesk and Elance are the most popular sites for this kind of work.
  • Online Teaching – Learning isn’t limited in the four corners of a classroom. Through the internet, you can educate people all over the world for a reasonable income. If you are an expert in culinary arts, you can teach them how to cook. And if you’re a musical virtuoso, you can teach them how to play an instrument. Online teaching allows you to earn up to $2000 a month.
  • Selling Products – You can be an online merchant and sell your stuff in online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. If you have excellent marketing skills and your product is good, many people will buy from you. The couple, Mark and Amanda Clarkson, earned more than $8 million in eBay.
  • Writing – You can earn money online as a man of letters. If you have creative ideas flowing in your mind, unleash your inner Hemmingway and turn them into high-quality articles. You can get paid by writing for someone. But you can also earn money if you write for yourself. Writing websites like Hubpages allows you to earn money whenever someone reads your article.
  • Blogging – Before, blogging is like writing in an online diary. But now, it is one of the best ways to earn money online. Through advertisements, professional bloggers earn as much as $20,000 per month on average.

  • Investing – If you want to earn money without lifting a finger, you should invest. Nothing compares to passive income. In truth, it’s risky. But with the proper skills, you can minimize the risks. And if you’re lucky, you can be an instant millionaire. Forex and the stock market are the most popular investment options online.
  • Be an Online Sensation in Youtube – If you’re talented or you have a thick skin, post videos of yourself in Youtube. Who knows? You might get discovered. But please don’t forget me when you become rich and famous.

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