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The Top 10 Creative Writing Blogs

Creativity is every writer’s bread and butter. They use it to turn a combination of words into a work of art. But, not all writers are born creative. If you’re an aspiring writer and you don’t produce enough creative juices, don’t worry because you can develop creativity. In fact, there are lots of creative writing blogs to help you with that.

Creative writing blogs are online sanctuaries for writers. These blogs contain tips about writing, grammar and creativity to help practitioners of the craft. Samples of literary pieces such as poetry, fiction and non-fiction are also found in these sites. So if you want to enhance your creativity, you should check out the top 10.

  • Writers to Done – It’s the most famous creative writing blog out there. This blog has top-notch editorial standards and it helps people to write better and think faster. So if you want to improve your writing skills, consider this to be your fountain of knowledge.
  • Writer Unboxed – This blog enhances the creativity of writers by encouraging them to be critical thinkers. Writers all over the world gathered in this blog to share their insights about the profession. It’s full of informative tips for aspiring writers.
  • The Write Practice – This site is perfect for those who are serious about writing. It allows writers to practice their storytelling skills. Also, this neat website promotes uniqueness by pushes writers to show more individualism.
  • Writing Forward – This seven year-old blog is an excellent source of writing ideas, grammar tips and writing quotes. It also contains writing exercises that can accelerate a writer’s progress.
  • Jeff Goins Writer – Pioneered by fast-rising writer Jeff Goins, this site offers a lot of help for aspiring writers. It teaches them how to make a living as a writer, how to get published and how to remain passionate about the craft. It might be owned by Jeff Goins but other writers contribute here as well. If your passion needs refuelling, this site is for you because it contains tips and inspiring stories that bring you closer to success.
  • The Creative Penn – When the award-winning author, Joanna Penn, started this site; she has one goal in her mind – to guide aspirants on their writing journey. She just doesn’t teach you how to write better, she also teaches you self-publishing, marketing and entrepreneurship. If you’re a business minded writer, you’ll definitely love this site.

  • The Writing Reader – If you need an extra help with your writing, this blog will suit you. It will provide you with prompts on different forms such as fiction, non-fiction, journals and art. It will also give you round-ups and articles about the craft.
  • The Artist’s Road – Former journalist and communication expert, Patrick Ross, returned to the path of creative writing. He created this blog to share his challenges during his journey as an artist. Also, he shares writing tips and creativity lessons here.
  • K.M. Weiland – Bestselling author, K.M. Weiland, pledged to turn ordinary writers into successful authors when she created this blog. She offers a waterfall of advice on how to be better at creative writing. Also, she teaches the importance of the headline – the most important part of an article.
  • Courage to Create – Through this blog, novelist Ollin Morales takes us to his journey as a creative writer. Here, he educates writers and aspiring writers how to overcome the challenges of everyday life. Furthermore, he drives people to write by sharing his personal stories. 

This list has helped me a lot. I hope it does the same to you. However, just reading the contents won’t make you a better writer. You need to practice because that will bring you closer to mastery.


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