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The Power of Google Plus Promotion

Let’s be honest here. Most of my friends tell me that Google Plus is incomparable to Facebook when it comes to everything. I used to believe that way but I was wrong. Google Plus is great in its own way if you take time to learn how this thing works. Google does not compete with Facebook but only help internet marketers in their online ventures. So let’s start it and uncover the power of G+ Promotion. Are you ready? Then here I come.

In the first look, you will see G+ as another social networking site like Facebook. Other famous and once became word of mouth around the world were Friendster and Multiply. But where are they now? They were gone (though Friendster had been bought by different people and is now focusing on online games) as Facebook offers unique and advanced form of similar features. People tend to try out this FB stuff as it became viral in the cyberspace. But what does G+ offer to people that can distinguish them from other existing ones? The answer can be found on the site itself. Go there and start using it.

Anyway, I will show you the basics on how to use it in your marketing content strategy. Please do note that I will not discuss other stuff here about G+ but limited to what I promised. You may explore it on your own and see if you'll like it afterwards. Here are the steps when using this on your marketing strategy:

  • Just like what I discussed in Stumble Upon, Facebook and Twitter Promotion entries, highlight the url of your newly-published post, right-click on it and choose 'copy' (when using a mouse) or press and hold Ctrl + C on the highlighted url (when using keyboard shortcuts in Windows).
  • Paste it on your text editor like notepad and compose a very convincing message. This will surely entice people to click on your link and start scanning your post.
  • Go to "" by typing it on Google, Yahoo or Bing search engine; or use your browser's address bar instead.
  • Upon seeing the homepage of the site, log into your account by entering your Gmail (username) and password. Click on "Posts" tab and begin pasting your composed message into the provided box.
  • When you are 100% sure and you like what you made so far, go and click on 'Share' button to make it live.

Before I forget, almost all well-known social networking sites offer a hashtag feature. You can use that here in G+ to funnel some traffic into your site or blog.
Let's recap again the important steps when posting your great blog post in Google+. Copy the link of your content, paste it in notepad and make an enticing message, go to "" and log into your account, paste what you wrote from notepad into the box provided and lastly, hit the 'Share' button to make your post live. That's it! I hope you find this useful as I try my best to relay it in simple ways.

Also, I encourage you to leave your comments below and share it as well to your friends. Thank you.


  1. Great stuff +Jethro! Don't forget to use G+'s *bold* and _italicize_ features.

    1. Oh! What a great feature! I did not know this until you posted it here. I think I should try it in my future posting.

      Thanks Sir Rambo! :)


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