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Squidoo Quits Their Site Operation

One Of Money Making Sites Named Squidoo Decided To Stop Their Site Operation

I have no idea what will happen to Squidoo in the next 2 months (this September or early October) if I never logged in to my account. I was shocked to learn about the news as it is one of the popular and stable article writing sites and consistent in paying out its writers/lensmasters.

Seth Godin, the Founder of the site, and the entire staff decided to take it down and merge with Hubpages, their used to be competitor. They announced that they will transfer all lenses/articles to the Hubpages site.

Imagine, a stronger site like Squidoo will come to an end. It's true that nothing is permanent in this world except changes. This kind of scenario is one of the reasons why I became scared to use free services in my online businesses.

I'm done and graduate with having a professional domain name but paid web hosting is still pending and waiting for my action.

Anyway, I'm not questioning Seth's action if that's what he/they wanted to happen. We should respect them in the first place since they became good to us for many years.

I will be honest and telling you a thing. The time they became strict in publishing a lens was the time I stopped posting there.

You know why? Because I don't see anything wrong with my articles and did not violate any of their rules. But I'm very grateful to them with the total amount of money I received from the site. It's a whooping $264.49 in my entire stay there (3 years).

I am not dismissed the idea of using free article writing sites for as long as I know in myself where I should focus my attention. And that is here in my blog. I can write columns or articles in other sites with the purpose of pointing/promoting my own space and work.

I hope you catch my ideas here and what I would like to point out. Don't treat other sites as your primary source of income because you do not own them. Much better if you own a domain name and paid web hosting.
I was once a Squidoo lensmaster and I'm proud of it. Let me know what your thoughts are after reading my opinion here.

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  1. That's too bad. I never had the chance to try Squidoo. Well that's life. Nice find Jethro.

    1. It's not too late for you to write in other well-known article writing sites. Hubpages and Zujava are worthy of checking. See for yourself if it fits you.

      Thanks for the comment my friend!

  2. I was there for 7 years, did quite well there earning wise. Will miss the site, but since it's been several weeks now, I've moved on in my mind and am ready to tackle the next venture.

    1. Hello Barbara,

      Thanks for letting me know about your experience in Squidoo. So you're an older member than me since you already have a 7-year experience. Good to know. I also agree with your last statement that we should move on and continue our writing either in our own blog or find similar site that caters the same service.

      I hope you find yours and please let me know once you got one as I'm interested to try it for myself. Keep writing!

  3. Good thing I transferred some of my lens to my personal websites. You can never really trust security when using other services these days

    1. I think before transferring your lenses or articles from other sites where you are a member of, you must delete it first and let some days to pass by (let Google unindex your page in the former site). And then you are free to post it in your main blog to avoid content duplication. I hope this helps.

      Also, the last statement you said only applies (for me) if you rely to them your all content and make them as your primary source of income. Remember, free ones have always something to exchange for and you have no full control over it.

      Thanks for giving me a comment Jereme! :)


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