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EarnMailer Is Signing Off

It seems that everything comes to an end. First, Squidoo which you can read here. And now, this email ad signature will join the former and leave us online job seekers behind. Notice that these two sites were those who paid me that I managed to share them in this blog. I don't know, but it only shows that change is inevitable and we can't help ourselves but to watch it happens. That's what we can expect from sites which we do not own.

Anyway, I have made a blog post here about the money EarnMailer sent me after I reached the minimum payout (which is 1,000 pesos). I can still remember it and I was so happy back then. Imagine, you'll just use their service by placing a small snippet of code in your preferred email (such as Google mail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, just to name a few) once and then whenever you send emails to your list of contacts, an ad is embedded at the signature section of your email message. This ad will never steal any information from the message and it does not make your recipient frowned upon seeing it as it is somewhat an ordinary signature to them. When someone sees or clicks on it, you'll earn money. That's how this EarnMailer works. But due to some reasons, people behind this site decided to say goodbye to their members and farewell to the online world. I was saddened  by this, but I already move on because nothing will happen no matter how I wish they should not give up. I just internalize and realized if that's what their decision, then we should respect that.

So before I end this, I would like to leave you a great advice. If you're online to make money, then you should invest money in your site or blog. Don't rely in free services as in the end, if they decided to stop the site, you can not do anything about it but to regret that you wish you did not put your full trust on this. So invest and don't mind in spending some money for the startup of your business. Just follow your heart and do it consistently, whether you are writing or blogging, because your passion is what matters and still the main ingredient in making you successful.
I hope you get entertained a bit while reading this and learn something new about free sites. Move on and continue what we aimed in the first place.

Lastly, if you want to receive more tips and advice on making money at home, please consider subscribing to Learn to Earn Money Online, thank you.


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    1. Thanks for saying your last goodbye Wilfred. I think we will usually see this scenario in every sites that offer free services to people. So, we should not depend and put all our eggs in one basket. Learn from the lesson and observe the common scenario.


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