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My Last Payout From Squidoo

As expected, Squidoo is true to their words. They still paid the remaining cash in my threshold to me before they say their last farewell. I'm going to post the screenshot for you to see it. Honestly, I will really miss this awesome website because this is the first site who paid me real money on the internet. I used to believe that making money online is impossible until I found it through my online buddy, Jereme Causing.

One Month Blogging

A challenge to myself Since, I do not see improvements with my blog's traffic and earnings (and you may freely read it here ), I decided to challenge myself. The original challenge is to write new article or blog post per day for one whole week. But this will not work and will not produce any results so I extend it to one month.

Seven Easy Ways to Make Extra Money Online

It’s hard to make a living nowadays that’s why making extra money is a must. If you want to earn extra bucks, you should pay attention because this will help you a lot. So here’s the Seven Easy Ways to Make Extra Money Online: Answer Surveys At school no one likes to answer surveys unless you’re doing it for a hot babe. But if you’re going to get paid just to answer a few, you’d be happy to take them. Research companies are looking for new people to take their surveys and try their products. You can earn a quick $5 by just sharing your opinion. The best sites for this are Toluna, Pinecone, iPoll and Vivatic. Run Errands Running errands is annoying. But if you can earn up to $5000 a month, it can be as sweet as a chocolate bar. If you have extra time, you can get paid by running errands and completing tasks. The site, TaskRabbit, allows you to do that. If you’re interested, go check them out.

The Top 10 Creative Writing Blogs

Creativity is every writer’s bread and butter. They use it to turn a combination of words into a work of art. But, not all writers are born creative. If you’re an aspiring writer and you don’t produce enough creative juices, don’t worry because you can develop creativity. In fact, there are lots of creative writing blogs to help you with that. Creative writing blogs are online sanctuaries for writers. These blogs contain tips about writing, grammar and creativity to help practitioners of the craft. Samples of literary pieces such as poetry, fiction and non-fiction are also found in these sites. So if you want to enhance your creativity, you should check out the top 10.

EarnMailer Is Signing Off

It seems that everything comes to an end. First, Squidoo which you can read here . And now, this email ad signature  will join the former and leave us online job seekers behind. Notice that these two sites were those who paid me that I managed to share them in this blog. I don't know, but it only shows that change is inevitable and we can't help ourselves but to watch it happens. That's what we can expect from sites which we do not own.

The Power of Google Plus Promotion

Let’s be honest here. Most of my friends tell me that Google Plus is incomparable to Facebook when it comes to everything. I used to believe that way but I was wrong. Google Plus is great in its own way if you take time to learn how this thing works. Google does not compete with Facebook but only help internet marketers in their online ventures. So let’s start it and uncover the power of G+ Promotion. Are you ready? Then here I come. In the first look, you will see G+ as another social networking site like Facebook. Other famous and once became word of mouth around the world were Friendster and Multiply. But where are they now? They were gone (though Friendster had been bought by different people and is now focusing on online games) as Facebook offers unique and advanced form of similar features. People tend to try out this FB stuff as it became viral in the cyberspace. But what does G+ offer to people that can distinguish them from other existing ones? The answer can be found on th

The Power of Twitter Promotion

What would you get from reading this post? Well, if you use social media, chances are you know Twitter. Twitter is a platform where you can post short updates about anything. You will learn its benefits by reading this blog post. I use Twitter to promote this blog to all my followers and friends (right now, it is 601). Basically, what I do is grab my newly-published post's link, go to the site and paste it. For the step-by-step procedures, here is the list: First, you should have something to promote like in my case, a link of my new content.

Tips on Starting a Blog

Many people blog for many different reasons; some to leave an expression of themselves based on their daily experiences and insights on things; others used blog to make money or is a part of a growing business, but there are also those who just like to showcase their artistic side via a blog, branding themselves on the process. Whichever the case may be (which might also be you), know that any good blogger on the internet always starts up by being a novice to blogging. If you are such a case, this article will give you tips on starting a blog and maybe attain any or a combination of the reasons why you should blog. Useful Tips The Right Tools Just like a writer without a pen and paper does not make a writer, a blogger is not a blogger without the right tools to do so. A blogger, in order to blog, must be equipped with the right tools to do the job. First and foremost important, a blogger must have a platform to use. There are many to choose from which varies from being free of

The Power of Facebook Promotion

In this post, I will talk about the importance of using your Facebook Profile in promoting your stuff like articles or blog post. Don't believe in others' claims that you can't promote and utilize it as a promotional tool because the truth is you can really take advantage of it. Anyway, I would like to get across my idea and ways on how I use it in my online strategy on the next paragraph. Basically what I usually do whenever I'm done publishing my new content in my blog are listed below:

Write For A Quality, Not In Quantity

This is what I believe in until now that I should write for a quality and not in quantity. I don't want to suffer the quality of my output content by increasing and hastening my productivity. What do I mean by this is we should provide useful post to our readers after we're done with proper research and continuous edits. Also, we should write what we are passionate about as it will guarantee us an unlimited resources to be used in writing. Don't aim for getting a huge number of post because I'm sure you don't want to scare away your visitors with lots of crappy content. Take your time and fill your mind with enough knowledge before you hold a pen and transfer that great idea into a paper or on a blank document of your computer.

The Power of StumbleUpon

First of all, what is StumbleUpon ?  StumbleUpon is a bookmarking-type site where you can save or bookmark interesting websites for your reference. You can share it to others so they can see if those are worth to visit. Anyway, what I like about it is when you stumble (or click the 'stumble' button) it will show you relevant sites that are aligned to your preference or interest. By clicking 'like', you are agreeing to see similar stuff in your future stumble; or 'dislike', they will filter or make sure that you don't see sites like that.

Business Blogging 101

Nowadays, the World Wide Web is dominated by blogs. They are all over the internet. They've become gold mines of information because when bloggers write about a variety of topics, countless people love reading them. Marketing specialists saw this opportunity and that’s how business blogging is born. Business Blogging is an innovative strategy to get more customers online. It’s a good way of promoting your business because it increases your visibility in the internet. Also, you can earn money with it through advertisements. Business Blog vs. Personal Blog A personal blog is more like an online diary. People who engage in this kind of blog are those who write their feelings. Their purpose of blogging is to turn every moment of their life into a literary piece. On the other hand, a business blog won’t make you win a literary award. But it can promote your business effectively. Also, instead of telling the world about your feelings, you tell people how they should feel about your

Don't Be Obsessed With Your Blog Stats

I learned that if you're obsessed with your blog stats and always check it everyday, you can't do more as it deprives some of your time (instead of allotting it to writing). You might as well feel depressed upon seeing the low traffic you got. Honestly, this is my daily routine and it makes me look a desperate guy. I also watch out my earned dollars in Adsense and praying that a miracle will happen with just a blink of an eye. Since I noticed that there is nothing good that these habits will do for me, I decided not to look up on my blog stats (pageviews and search keywords) and hinder myself from logging into my Adsense account. Instead, I promised myself to write a useful content for a month and see if that would pay off. I will allot my time in reading similar blogs that are going to teach me on how to improve my writing. I also follow my schedule when it comes to posting (every Wednesday) but sometimes I make a sudden post in any day. So it would be more or less 3 article

Make Your Ideas A Reality

Do you have a great idea that you think might have a big chance to be viral and popular? Have you ever thought of doing a thing but don't know how and where to start? All of your problems have solutions if you know how to find it. Internet is a great invention that people ever invented and discovered. People are fond of sharing what they know through their expertise. Whenever you do some searches , you will get an overflowing of information. You just have to sort and choose what you think is useful and important to your needs. We are in the world of information era so don't overwhelm with what you find.

Squidoo Quits Their Site Operation

One Of Money Making Sites Named Squidoo Decided To Stop Their Site Operation I have no idea what will happen to Squidoo in the next 2 months (this September or early October) if I never logged in to my account. I was shocked to learn about the news as it is one of the popular and stable article writing sites and consistent in paying out its writers/lensmasters. Seth Godin , the Founder of the site, and the entire staff decided to take it down and merge with Hubpages, their used to be competitor. They announced that they will transfer all lenses/articles to the Hubpages site. Imagine, a stronger site like Squidoo will come to an end. It's true that nothing is permanent in this world except changes. This kind of scenario is one of the reasons why I became scared to use free services in my online businesses. I'm done and graduate with having a professional domain name but paid web hosting is still pending and waiting for my action.