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Mistakes We Usually Do When Blogging

  • Writing for yourself and not giving solutions to peoples' problems.
  • Write in non-English language.
  • Posting of little content but with lots of pictures/images.
  • When money is your goal, you take this topic and use it as your niche inspite of not having a real experience or not one of them.
  • Claiming everything you write is true and real.
  • Not crediting, mentioning or linking back to the trusted source when including reliable information in your post.
  • Express your thoughts and opinion freely as if no one is reading them. Be careful on this or else you will suffer from consequences. For example, you said something bad about your boss, chances are your colleagues or your boss himself/herself might find it through social media or from people you're both connected to.
  • Your blog doesn't have a niche to talk about and you see every people as your audience.
  • Blog random thoughts in one entry that will make visitors leave in an instant.
  • Using a default theme for your blog without customizing a new one (take note the word 'branding').
  • Using free domain name and web hosting. If you're serious in blogging and you treat it as a business, you should invest in getting a professional domain name and acquiring a stable web hosting.
I hope you like what you read and I really appreciate if you share it to your friends who are into blogging. However, if you disagree with some points I put here, I'm open for criticism. Just use the space below for your comment.

Happy blogging!


  1. Nice! this is great! I always get good stuff on your blogs keep it up! :D

    1. Hi Christopher,

      I'm glad that you always get some good stuff from my blog. I will continue what I already started.

      Please continue your blogging my friend. :)

  2. No plagiarism should always be on top. Some bloggers tend to do the copy-paste thing or paraphrasing some bloggers' thoughts

    1. I agree with you that's why when we found out our content being published in other sites, we should report them immediately or contact the blog owner. There is a solution in everything or we can solve every problem by conversing in a nice and calm way.

      Also, there is nothing wrong in paraphrasing some other bloggers' thoughts as long as you add your own thoughts,views and inputs. Just don't paraphrasing their whole content, only get what you think is important and can give value to your readers. And last (as I listed above), be generous in linking back to the source where you got the info/idea.

      Thanks for your nice comment Kim. :)

  3. I read some of your blogs and i think your rule#1 can be applied to you.

    1. I wonder what made you think that I only write for myself and do not give solutions to my readers.. I have some useful posts here where readers can learn how to buy and get a professional domain name for their blogs. And the fact that this blog is about making money online, I think its goal is to show how I do those stuff.

      Anyway, I will keep your comment in mind for my future posts. Thanks!


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