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How To Come Up With A Catchy Title That Makes Readers To Click?

We, bloggers, tend to write a great post or entry for our readers. But our effort is useless if we don't know how to come up with a catchy title that makes them to click on. Make it exciting and interesting that they can't resist to check and read. Engage them to your content as if you're talking to them face to face. Don't forget that content is really important. We don't want to disappoint them by presenting a great title but poor content with low quality.

Anyway, here are some factors to consider when constructing your blog entry title (take note that giant Search Engines pay attention to it so do your best when making one):
  • Your number one goal is to make readers (online visitors/viewers) read your post.
  • By just seeing the title for the first time should reflect what you want to say on your post. Be clear and straightforward with your title. Don't just hype them just to click your post. Your content should give what your title says.
  • As much as possible, make your content short. Don't make it super long just to showoff you know everything or you're an expert on your topic. Bloggers write by what they know and it's only their opinion. Sometimes longer post will only lead visitors to run away from your blog. It's not only you wasted their time but your efforts you did from writing upto promoting. The best technique is to list down things you want to highlight or enumerate with the use of bullets. Using Top 10, Top 5 or Top 3 in your title gives you a higher chance to get huge page views.
  • If on first sentence your words do not convince them to continue reading, then you lose. Make your content easy to understand without too much technical terms. Put yourself in their shoes and tell yourself if I were them what would I like to know and learn.
That's it! I hope you gain something after reading this entry. By the way, the inspiration where I got these ideas came from our friend Cindy Cortes. Since she helped me a lot in my post (one example is What Requirements Should You Consider When Starting A Blog?), I think it's time for her to explore and start making blogs with a niche on tips, techniques and strategies in making blogs and entries.

If you have something to say, feel free to comment below. I also appreciate if you share this to your friends.

Thank you!


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